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Posted on: Fri, 03/30/2001 - 1:42am
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pI gave my son the Kid Cuisine Dalmation Bone dinner last night. He had some dirreah afterwards. By reading the label it didnt indicate any potential peanut problems. He had complained that his stomach hurt in the morning prior to eating any. Anyway I sent a message via their website and asked if there was any undeclared peanuts and could they work on their labeling.. like Kellogs frozen products. This morning a woman named Kathy called 1-800-262-6316. She advised that there are no peanut products in the following Kid Cuisine products and that the plant that they are made in does not contain peanut products. She did say however that they cant be certain that the ingredients may not be cross contaminated prior to the /
She said that the Mac N Cheese products, Chicken Nuggets (all varieties) and the Taco rollups, ribettes and fish sticks are all made in the same plant w/out /
She wasnt sure about the Fried Chicken and Corn Dogs, didnt check due to my sons age (2).br /
The product to avoid is Hamburger Pizza with PB brownie. This is made in another plant. Naturally anything that said PB Brownie right on the front I am not going to buy! But it made me feel better that she was aware enough to check to see if it was made in another /
She said that they are going to discontinue using Peanut/PB products so this is a good time to work on Conagra. She said that they track all calls. She was very /
I dont know that the bout of dirreah is related at all. I do know that he very rarely gets it, and since he hadnt had this product before I watched him extra /
If I send him to school with the Dalmation dinner in the future I will ask them that they dont give him the little chocolate chips that are to be put on the pudding./p

Posted on: Sat, 03/31/2001 - 2:44pm
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My dd loves these products. I am glad you called the company. I have been trying to call one company a week, and they were at the top of my list.

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