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Posted on: Fri, 03/22/2002 - 9:03am
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Hi everyone. [img][/img]

I'm Allie, the mother of 'The Toad' - my son Daniel aged 2 1/2 with allergies to peanut, dairy and egg. He isn't really a toad; it's a term of affection - I swear!

I've been freaking out recently over various news stories I've seen - eg the boy in Australia dying following a taste test with a spoon of peanut butter. On the Australian 'FACTS' webiste there is also a letter from a mother to her son 'Dear Johnny' which made me cry the other day.

I just hope that Daniel outgrows this allergy. I know it's not likely - especially since his last RAST test showed his antigen levels had doubled - but I'm trying to think positive.

Chocolate is a big thing for me recently. trying to get easter eggs that he can have. Lucky he is too little right now to really miss it. But there is NO chocolate in New Zealand that is both dairy and peanut free. There was some called 'Dairy Free Delights' imported in from Australia, but they process hazelnuts on the same line. I kept getting this story from people - "oh it's Kosher, so it's clean!". Well I'm half jewish and know that kosher has nothing to do with nuts! I ended up ringing the manufactureer in Melbourne, and finally got the statement - yes, it may contain traces of nuts. So, back to the beginning. Daniel has reacted to walnuts as well as peanuts, so I'm really serious about keeping him away from all nuts right now.

Anyway, it's lucky I love to cook, coping with all these allergies.

I look forward to chatting with you all. [img][/img]


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