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Kentucky Fried Chicken

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Has any one had a reaction at KFC? My PA son had a reaction after eating chicken and mashed potatoes and gravy there. I called the manager and she read me the ingredients, but there were no peanut products listed.

On Apr 29, 1999

My peanut allergic son has eaten chicken there with no problem. We only get the "extra crispy" version because the other types have egg in the batter. Could your child be allergic to something else? Christine

On Apr 29, 1999

My son has never had problems with KFC either (he loves the chicken, maybe it is something other than a peanut product.

On Apr 29, 1999

Our daughter has never had a reaction from KFC, However on a regular basis we always asked what oil they cooked with and were always given satifactory answers until about a month ago. This time when my wife inquired about the oil the woman became obviously agitated,went to the back, and came out and told us "vegetable oil". When we asked what kind of "vegetable" she refused to elaborate. Next we asked for the manager, she told us she was the manager(which we found later to be untrue) and proceded to basically berate us, though she did manage to do so without actually swearing at us. After one last futile attempt to get her to find out what kind of vegatble we left without dinner. After a few calls around we managed to get the real manager. After telling him of our difficulties he became VERY defensive. He informed us they were told to reply to any inquires about their cooking oil by telling the customer it was vegetable oil and to give no more information then that. Furthermore he not only didn't apologize for the treatment we received he actually defended his employee's actions and ended the conversation at that point. Well, sorry to rant here. Sometimes things can really get under your skin and there is nothing you can do about it except let off some steam. Needless to say no mor KFC for us and we encourage all our friends and family to avoid this store as well.

On Apr 29, 1999

I just wanted to comment that we eat at KFC regularly, but I have started eliminating the gravy from my son's potatoes. From everything I read, we may need to be more concerned about the possible thickeners in the gravy, than what the chicken is fried in. Hopes this helps somem

On Apr 29, 1999

Greg, you may have found yourself a lousy KFC , did you try caling KFC headquarters?

On Apr 30, 1999

We did manage to place a few calls higher up the chain, but our calls were never returned. In all fairness to KFC I should have added that we also called the next nearest store,a good enough distance away from us to prevent us from ever really choosing to eat there. The manager there was extremely helpfull, and apologetic even though his only ties to the other store was the name. In fact he gave us some of the numbers to call. He also was very forthcoming and knowledgable about what ingredients and oils they use. It's amazing the difference between the two stores attitudes. It probably highlights the need for better education in food allergies.

On May 1, 1999

Here's a thought. Are you sure chicken is the only thing they put in the oil? If it isn't perhaps some other food goes into the oi l which contains a peanut ingredient, and the proteins from that food adhere to the chicken (I'm allergic to shellfish and I NEVER eat ANY fried food for this reason).

Also, as DISGUSTING as this one sounds, some restaurants actually buy "used oil" from other restaurants! (Oil isn't changed daily - they use it over, and over......) Maybe it isn't the chicken!

On May 1, 1999

Thank you everyone for your information. I am wondering if it was something else cooked in the oil, or the kind of vegetable oil that caused the reaction.

On May 25, 1999

I was told a lot of foods that are cooked in vegetable oil contain peanut. I think that I have found the reason we are told that it doesn't contain peanut is ignorance. These people have no idea what their oil contains.

On Jul 9, 2002

Has anyone been eating at a KFC recently and know it to be safe? They have a new "kids's pack" meal that looks good. I am just wondering if it is safe. I think it has chicken, a side, and a fruit roll-up or something in it too. We have not eaten at a KFC since discovering my son's allergy.

Thanks, Jaime

On Jul 9, 2002

We eat there on occasion and have never had a problem with anything. I would ask about the oil they use at each location just to make sure.

On Jul 15, 2002

I had a friend react to something after eating KFC. She is not PA, but something started making her throat close up and she had to go tearing into a nearby pharmacy and take a swig of benadryl right then and there. She went to her allergist, who wrote a letter to KFC asking them to list their response, and it's been about 8 weeks. Nice helpful people. Since the doctor has no idea what she reacted to, he doesn't know what to test her for. She carries an epipen with her to restaurants now. I won't give any restaurant my business if they will not be open about their ingredients.

On Jul 15, 2002

we are eatting there ones a week and never hat a proplem and we allways by the family combo with the cokies and we tell them that our son is pa and they give us a bottle of pop instead ,never hat a proplem eather with the chickenpieces ore the nuggets ore the popcornchicken ore the fries and my son loves the popcornchicken all the best Thomas and Marina

On Jul 16, 2002

Hi - I worked at KFC a long time ago in 1988-1989. I remember the powdered mashed potatoes mix had sulfites listed in the ingredients. I don't know if it still does, but a lot of people have reactions to sulfites (a food preservative). We never eat there now, because my daughter is allergic to chicken, so it would be rather pointless to go there now. -Kay

On Jul 16, 2002

We took william to KFC for the first time recently as he can now eat cooked egg. We checked throughly with the dim witted staff (sigh , but got the help we wanted soon enough!!) but we forgot in our hurry to make sure that the food was nut free that william does not eat any food with black pepper in , and in fact has had reactions in the past to mustard. I can not really see a conncection to this with regard to his peanut allergy. He can eat cooked sesame seeds no problem. So why the reaction to mustard? As he spat out the popcorn chicken accross the room and washed out his mouth with water, we decided that macdonald's is once again the only restaurant that we can take william !!! Still he was happy with the spiderman toy..... ah well, back to happy meals !!!! sarah

On Jul 20, 2002

Williamsmummy... You make laugh [img][/img] I lived in England (Norwich to be exact) for a year when I was 17. I ate a McDonalds a few times while there - the only place I could go and get rootbeer [img][/img]

We have eaten at KFC a few times without problems - but you never know how things are run with different managers. The Olive Garden near us was always good about checking ingredients for us, but I read a post on the board where someone was told from the Olive Garden head office that it would be wise not to eat at their restaurants. I now don't just because it seems to me that they don't really want my business.

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On Oct 11, 2004

My son Ricky has gotten sick three different times after eating at KFC. The first time we did not know he had a peanut allegry. He was 2 1/2 years old. So we thought that he had a flu. The second time we knew that he had a peanut allegry so we made sure to ask about the oil or any other peanut products. He got sick again. We though that the store was not cooking the chicken properly. So we tried one last time at a different store. He had the same reaction. Keep in mind this was over a 1.5 year period. He is now 5 years old and has not been to KFC for 2.5 years just to be on the safe side.

On Oct 12, 2004

My son also had a reaction from KFC. I called the store and they read me the ingredients on the fries. There was a word listed in the ingredients (something like "batter" or "coating") which couldn't be identified any further. I can't remember the exact word, but I remember asking, "well, what's THAT?" and they had no idea.

On Oct 12, 2004


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On Oct 12, 2004

My son did once but we later found out that he is also allergic to chicken!

On Nov 18, 2004

My p.a. son and I eats there without a problem. But I have been sick in the past. I thought maybe it was samonilla poisoning from the chicken or something. I stopped eating it for years after that. It's okay now.

On Nov 18, 2004

Interesting! I just emailed them the other day to find out about save food! peanutfree & eggfree

I got a responce that they do not share ingredient info "spiecal recipe"

& that if I really required more info I would have to have a Dr's note on "Dr's letterhead" That confirms my son has such allergies!!!!

I was rather disappointed in them to say the least!

On Nov 18, 2004


Originally posted by kkeene: [b]I got a responce that they do not share ingredient info "spiecal recipe"

& that if I really required more info I would have to have a Dr's note on "Dr's letterhead" That confirms my son has such allergies!!!![/b]

I've e-mailed them before about this too, and had a much better experience - I didn't get an ingredient listing, but I got a document that listed the major allergens (peanut, egg, wheat etc.) and which items may contain them (this was for their restaurants in Canada).

We've eaten at KFC without incident since then. I didn't ask for specific ingredients used in the "special recipe", though.

On Dec 16, 2004

I've eaten at KFC many times with no incident (I am only PA). I called their headquarters and was informed that they do not use any peanuts or peanut products in their food. This was about a year and a half ago.

On Apr 18, 2005

Yes, my daughter had a reaction (hives) 2 or 3 years ago. We didn't know what she was allergic to at the time, but now we know it's only peanuts. I called KFC this past week, and they said they don't use any peanut products. So I don't know what to think. She ate chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, coleslaw and a biscuit. We didn't let her eat the gravy or coleslaw for a long time after that, but we tried each thing alone to try to figure out what it was. Now that her allergy has gotten more serious, I don't know if I dare let her eat there even though they say they don't use peanut products. Does anyone know if they used to use peanut oil or other peanut products a few years ago?

On Apr 18, 2005

I am not sure if they used to use peanut products. My daughter is 4 and we found out about her PA 2 years ago. She loves KFC for a "treat" and so I checked with them and their answer was and still has been that they do not use peanut products. She has eaten their popcorn chicken, mac n' cheese, and biscuits with no problem.

On Apr 18, 2005

KFC is safe in Canada. I have eaten it since I was a kid, but only rarely as it is a bit greasy/fatty.

On Apr 18, 2005

I know this thread was started a long time ago, but I see recent posts.

however "out there" this sounds...I used to work at a Burger King in high school and it was common (to my amazement) that sometimes the workers there fry snickers bars as a treat. I complained insanely when I found that out, but, I mean geez...mostly the workers in fast food places are high school kids who don't think about the harm.

Scary thought, I know.


On Apr 9, 2006

do people eat at kfc?

On Apr 9, 2006

My husband and I eat KFC every other weekend and I have never had any problems. Although I don't eat mashed potatoes and gravy to begin with.

On May 13, 2006

Thanks to the Food Labeling Act enacted Jan. 1, 2006, I'm finding most fast food restaurants have better ingredient/allergen info. listed on their websites...including KFC. Look it up on the internet and check it out. Always doublecheck at the restaurant before eating, of course, to make sure they are using only KFC approved ingredients. I looked at their website last night and they state they do not use peanut/tree-nut ingredients but there is a disclaimer about vendor sources. We have eaten the original & extra crispy without incident and are peanut/tree-nut allergic.

A long time ago my dh took the kids to a Pizza Hut and asked if they used peanut oil. They said only once when they ran out of the normal cooking spray. It always pays to be extra careful.

By on Apr 26, 2012

KFC contains sulphites! KFC is very secretive about the details of their ingredients and most store managers even don't know the specifics and many don't even know what sulphites are and confuse this up with MSG. Eventually after several allergic reactions and some effort I discovered that they use sulphites as preservatives. I happen to be sulphite sensitive and one time when I ended up in the hospital with yet another reaction to KFC I was told by the ER physician that the "Colonel (Colonel Saunders) and I must part ways" and have never had KFC again and have remained healthy and reaction free. I loved the taste of KFC however and should they ever decide to eliminate sulphites from their preservative list I would be happy to return as a customer.