Kellogg's has a nut-free plant? [poptarts]

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I just got a box of frosted strawberry poptarts, and called in, to double check since I've never had the strawberry kind. The person went through the usual "if it's come into contact with X it will be listed in the...etc, etc," but they said they would check just to be sure.

Came back and said nope, it's good, made in a nut-free facility. That completely shocked me. I thought, Kellog's has nut-free facilities? That's great! But...I wanted to make sure.

The poptarts came from Battlecreek, MI.

I've been trying to track down the actual facility they're made in, but so far, no cigar.

Does anyone have information on this, or know if it's true? I know lots of you eat pop tarts with no worries- but then I know even more stay away from them completely.

ETA: I just got a hold of a facility in BC, MI. I told them I was trying to find the exact facility it came out of, and was told they COULD tell me that, but that even they wouldn't be able to tell me if it was made in a nut-free facility. They said they do an allergen clean in between products, and test it.

I asked, "so if you run something with peanuts on it, then want to run the strawberry pop tarts, you do a cleaning in between?" she said yes, and they also do an allergen test, and if it comes back with any traces, then it would be on the box.

I'm not sure I'm liking these answers. I just want a flipping pop tart lol. Oh well.

By cervonil on Aug 23, 2011

LOL I know the lengths we'll go through to eat a snack! Sometimes calling companies is so completely frustrating. You're more confused after than before you started. We avoid poptarts.

By TracyC on Sep 3, 2011

Yoakem -

I've learned from this site that we all have very different levels of comfort. (I have a friend who gives her PA child plain M&M!)

I'm perfectly happy with Kellog's answers above and feel safe giving my kids PopTarts that have no warnings. And I have, with no ill-effects.

Actually, another poster and I were in the same boat with respect to Hershey's Kisses. Hershey's gave essentially the same response that Kellogs did. That poster was not comfortable giving him/her kids Kisses and I am.

To me, if a product rep says to me on the phone, "If it contains the allergen, it will be labeled," I trust them if I know they are responsible labelers. Would I trust a manufacturer like Pepperidge Farm? Hell no because they don't label.

By TracyC on Sep 3, 2011

It's actually under the "Whopper Mini Eggs' post, not Kisses.

By ALyte on Sep 8, 2011

My sister eats poptarts with no problem. Just throwing that out there. :)