Posted on: Thu, 02/25/1999 - 7:17am
Patti's picture
Joined: 01/27/1999 - 09:00

Kelloggs 1-800-962-1413
spoke to Tonya on Feb 25, 1999

Overall impression: Transferred me to a specialist - very knowledgeable but see note on labelling. Is sending me out lots of information.

Information: They keep good manufacturing procedures and clean all lines between use. However if your product is made in a nut facility the lines are cleaned but no may contain label is used. All their pop tarts are made at a facility where nuts are used. But they do promise they clean. They have no products except Nut and Honey waffles that contain peanuts, but other products contain nuts. They have two facilities for cereal only that are nut free. Battle Creek and Lancaster. Look under use by date you will see K?? KB or KS and KL are fine. For the 3rd ? mark it is an A B or C which indicates 1st 2nd or 3rd shift. They do use 3rd party supliers and will not vouch for their practices. One set of good news. They make Nutrigrain Bars and their new Twist Bars in their own plant and none of these products contain peanut or nut products. Also told me they work with FAN and will notify them immediately if anything changes. I will post the any new information I get in the mail.

Posted on: Thu, 02/25/1999 - 7:25am
Anonymous's picture
Anonymous (not verified)

Hi Patti~
I had called Kelloggs as well a while back and was given the same information you have. They also sent me information in the mail within a week's time of my request which was very informative.
Thanks for the post!

Posted on: Mon, 03/01/1999 - 8:00am
Anonymous's picture
Anonymous (not verified)

Patti, I'm sorry you are having a bad day! I feel like I am adding salt to injury but I just read the FAN alert board and Kelloggs is announcing their new RICE KRISPIES TREATS PEANUT BUTTER CHOCOLATE CRISPY MARSHMELLOW SQUARES! YIPEE!!!!!!! I am just so excited to see yet another peanut product added to the grocery store, and I am just jumping up and down because I can't wait to tell my son he can NO LONGER have the regular Rice Krispie Treats for fear of cross contamination. I am just so over-joyed I can't contain myself! NOT!!!!!!!! And then there is the new RICE KRISPIES TREAT COCOA CRISPY MARSHMELLOW SQUARES. This product does not contain peanuts but is produced on the same equipment as peanut butter containing products.
I think there are quite a few peanut products out there without adding new ones. It is hard enough trying to keep what IS out there out of my son's hands without adding new ones to the list.
I am curious to see if they will be produced in different plants like their cereals.

Posted on: Mon, 03/01/1999 - 11:23am
Joanne's picture
Joined: 02/22/1999 - 09:00

I have had great luck getting information from Kelloggs and have found their customer service people to be well educated in the area of food allergies. I received the same information about the plant codes on the Kellogg cereals (KS, KB or KL are all peanut/nut free plants).
I just have to vent about the Rice Krispies Treats, coming soon with peanutbutter to stores everywhere. This was one of the few pre-packaged treats my little boy could eat, and today I had to tell him he can't have them anymore. Can't non-allergic people just spread peanut butter on food themselves anymore? I don't know what's worse--not being able to eat something from the start because it contains peanuts, or losing a food when a company decides to add peanut/nut flavors.

Posted on: Mon, 03/01/1999 - 12:34pm
Anonymous's picture
Anonymous (not verified)

Hi Joanne,
I agree about the Rice Krispie Treats. Not to mention, my daughter (non-allergic) will no longer be able to take them in her lunch if there is a "may contain" warning on the regular Treats. I will not have them in my house and if I don't want other parents sending "peanut products" into the schools, then I'm certainly not going to send them with her...they won't even leave the shelf in the grocery store.

Posted on: Mon, 03/01/1999 - 11:07pm
Patti's picture
Joined: 01/27/1999 - 09:00

I think another problem we have here unfortunately is that now there are even more products that will be brought to schools, playdates, parks etc. that contain peanuts. I can maybe control my home, but what about the real world. We really have to hope research comes through for us. Thanks for the info Connie. I did notice those in the grocery store and you know they are going to be a big hit. On a more positive note on Kellogs. i received their information in the mail yesterday, (of course it will have to be updated with their new product line) but it is well worth calling for and asking for. I will stay on top of them to to make sure that the three facilities they gave me for their cereals remain peanut/nut free.

Posted on: Sun, 03/07/1999 - 12:05pm
Anonymous's picture
Anonymous (not verified)

Patti, while grocery shopping today, I noticed that Cap N Crunch had Peanut Butter marshmellow Squares right next to the Rice Krispie Treats. Are these the ones you saw or were they Kelloggs Rice Krispie Treats with Peanut Butter?
Gee, the perfect snack for the lunchbox and into the schools!

Posted on: Tue, 03/09/1999 - 12:05am
Mary Catherine's picture
Joined: 01/25/1999 - 09:00

I called about the Rice Krispie treats yesterday and was informed that the plain treats will be run on their own line.

Posted on: Tue, 03/09/1999 - 2:09am
Anonymous's picture
Anonymous (not verified)

Mary Catherine,
That is good news! Now I'm curious to see if they will have "may contain peanuts" on their label even though they will be on their own line!

Posted on: Tue, 03/23/1999 - 11:12am
Julia M's picture
Joined: 02/23/1999 - 09:00

I called Kellog and got similar information. They did say that the plain Rice Krispies treats would be run on their own line in a separate part of the factory, and that there would be different workers on the plain and peanut butter lines.
Can't remember if I've seen this posted or not, but they said that the nut waffles are manufactured in the same facility with the other waffles.

Posted on: Wed, 03/24/1999 - 6:21am
brenda's picture
Joined: 01/22/1999 - 09:00

If you're looking for safe waffels, call Aunt Jemima (800-407-2247). I called a few months ago and they said their frozen waffels, pancakes and french toast are pnfree. However, I didn't ask specific questions like is it a nut-free facility.


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