I always buy my kids Keeblers EL Fudge cookies that are choc with the choc cream. They are the only ones with NO peanut warning. That is until last night. THey now contain PEANUT FLOUR! It's a good thing I read the label!

Just wanted to give the FYI. I called Keebler and the rep had no clue when or why they changed ingredients. My girls were bummed.

On Jul 2, 2003

I don't know why... but since my son was dx'd PA, I haven't even LOOKED at a Keebler's package... just walk on by. I guess I just thought that since they do so much stuff with peanuts/PB, nothing of theirs would be safe.

Of course, that doesn't mean I'm correct in my assumption, I just nixied them off the list of okay foods right away. Thanks for the heads up, though! I appreciate it.


On Jul 2, 2003

When I called Keebler they told me they are not consistent with their labeling. Sometimes the lable may contain and sometimes they don't. There will be no way to tell the difference for quite a few years until they streamline their labeling. I don't buy DS Keebler at all.

On Jul 2, 2003

Well I called Keebler also and sent them an email. I was given a different story about their labeling. I have also seen that they label EVERYTHING I have ever purchased. I think they are one of the better ones with food labeling.

On Jul 2, 2003

hey thanks for the info. keebler is now definitely off my list of products to buy. what is the deal with peanut flour these days? i had never even heard of it until recently and now it's in so much (sunflower seeds, cookies, etc....)


On Jul 2, 2003

I thought somebody here was told by Keebler that basically nothing was safe and that they didn't really have a labeling policy. Not that I ever bought the stuff but I have it on my "not in the house list". Even if they do label, they make everything in that tiny little tree...cross contamination I would think is inevitable (LOL).

On Jul 3, 2003


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On Jul 3, 2003

I'm surprised to read that, for some, the ELFudge labeling has only recently changed. I know for sure that where I am (Illinois) they have been labelled "may contain" for quite a while. I know because I was buying Lunchables with EL Fudge cookies in them, so I went to the ELFudge cookies on the store shelf to check their label and they were may contain, so I had to buy replacement cookies for the Lunchables. I remember being irritated that the Lunchable label didn't say "may contain." That was more than a year ago.

"Peanut flour" is one of those weird ingredients that I think is sometimes a stronger way of saying "may contain."

The Keebler cookies made me somewhat nervous because they do make some varieties that include peanut butter. But a very long time ago I remember reading a long discussion here about their manuf & labelling, and I decided to try them. We've been using them for years--we eat the fudge stripe and the deluxe grahams.

On Jul 25, 2003

i was also very mad when i read the new lableing abouit three months ago-i was also very alarmed because these had been one of my favorite cookies-i had always had a pack of them somewhere in the cupboard to snack on cuz they were very good. thank god i read the lable b4 i bought them that day because they must've just changed it! it really angers me bc i used to trust that company's cookie products bc not many others dont contain nuts!!!