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My son ate this cereal for the first time this morning. He only had a little because he mixed it in with Crispix cereal (which he always eats). Anyway, about an hour after he was at school, the school nurse called me and said he was there with a terribly itchy rash on his neck, chest and arms. She gave him Benadryl and kept him in her office for about 20 minutes. The rash cleared up quickly and he was fine. He has never had a reaction like this before. He was only diagnosed in March with PA and then in November with TNA. He's only had a few hives around his mouth on 3 different ocassions. Anyway, has anyone else eaten Kashi Strawberry Fields cereal? The box only said contains wheat ingredients and I called right away after I spoke to the school nurse. The company said no cross contamination or anything and they would definitely label for it. I assume it was this cereal because he didn't have anything else that was different. Thankfully he's fine. We won't be eating that cereal again.

On Dec 15, 2006

Kashi's "seven grain formula" contains sesame...is he allergic to sesame?


------------------ 30-something survivor of severe peanut/tree nut allergy

On Dec 15, 2006

Not that we know of. I believe he's eaten sesame seeds before without a problem.

On Dec 15, 2006

the rash on his neck and chest makes me think of strawberries. thats the kind of reacation my son has to strawberries. has he been tested for strawberries?

On Dec 15, 2006

Sorry to hear about your son's reaction!

Look up some Kashi threads. We're not using Kashi products any longer b/c they used to give you a list of each product that was made in a pn-free facility. They went the corporate flat allergen statement route this fall and refused to tell me which products were made in a pn-free facility. I just want the FACTS (are you a peanut free facility? is product X on a dedicated line?), and then I can decide whether it's safe. When a company doesn't give me the fact I'm after, then THEY are deciding if it's safe for me.

Just my two cents.

On Dec 15, 2006

I know that I had Kashi Hart to Hart or Heart to Heart cereal (read label and thought is was fine) and my throat felt funny right after I swallowed the cereal. I don't know if they label for nuts but I stay away.