just tested positive pa 14month old


i breastfed till a month ago and babies allergies were terrible if i ate eggs his eczema would flame up... we had an allergy blood test results no egg allergy and a peanut allergy ( never fed him anything with peanuts yet) well his peanut was a .92 so does that mean hes a level 1????? and his ige was 28... dr said this is a moderate to high allergy and to avoid, no epipen needed. online i have read a pa is a pa you are either positive or negative, a level 1 can have the same reaction as a 6??? what would most likely happen wouldit affect his eczema or should i call and demand an epipen for his saftey?thanks im just kind of lost.

By kalelpeanut on Sep 19, 2010

Yes you should call and demand an epipen! I can not believe the Dr didn't prescribe one to your son. I think you should find another allergist.

By zeena2 on Sep 19, 2010

Definitely should have an epipen. I have no idea why they didn't prescribe one.