Just got new test results please help me..


I just got James test results. Its been 2 years since the last one. His peanut is still at 4 and shellfish is 3 but now he has orange,corn,soy,pea,wheat,egg,and beef. Right now my head is swimming.. the orange,corn,etc. is at a 1 and until I get in the office on Monday to really ask questions please tell me what does this mean? Do I keep him away from all the ones that are at a 1. The nurse said that he cannot get anaphaltic with those and maybe just a runny nose or stuffy . Is that true? Everytime he gets tested more keeps coming.. I could really use some info.. thanks so much. Kathy Ann

On Jun 12, 2006

My son was a 1 for soy and a 2 for milk and the allergist said that if he was not reacting to them not to change it. He still eats soy and drinks 24oz of milk a day. He may not have you avoid them if he is eating them now and not reacting. But I am very new to the allergy thing so I may be wrong.

On Jun 12, 2006

My daughter tests positive to everything--class 1 or 2--if she is having an eczema flare. It is part of her allergic nature. She is not allergic to everything.

Her scores are negative if she isn't in the middle of an eczema outbreak. Her allergist calls these false positives.

I wouldn't worry about all those foods if he isn't reacting.

On Jun 12, 2006

my son (age 5) is a 4+ to 10 different foods -- had he "reacted" to all of them before testing -- no and he was eating them -- however when we eliminated them from his diet his excema cleared almost immediately and the most noticeable improvement was his behavior and his attitude -- he used to be grumpy and irritated most of the time -- now it is rare that he is like that -- i think all of those foods in his system -- each maybe just a small thing were making him uncomfortable and irritated -- it has been way worth it to us and him to eliminate them from his diet -- it has been 6 months and things are great. (corn, carrots, cantaloupe, soy, banana, strawberry, coconut,peanuts, treenuts,apple).