Just got DD Cap Rast results

Posted on: Tue, 01/20/2004 - 1:41pm
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Jamie, my 3 1/2 year old DD, was tested right before Thanksgiving. We got the doctors note today.

On the good side, her RAST Class for almond, cashew, pecan and walnut were all Class 0. We are a little confused as Jamie was skin tested at 2 and tested positive to cashews. We are wondering if this means it is safe to feed her nuts or do we need to have her skin tested or do a food challenge for tree nuts??

On the bad side, Peanut was RAST Class 4 with a value of 41.8. The allergist wrote that RAST Class 4 is very high levels of sensitization.

We are trying to figure out if we need to tighten our comfort zone on peanuts or not...

Any input on her test results are welcomed!!

Posted on: Wed, 01/21/2004 - 2:08am
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FWIW -- Caitlin rast'ed in Nov never having eaten ANY nuts:
Almond 12.20
Brazil Nut 28.30
Cashew >100
Hazelnut 26.30
Pecan 2.97
Pine Nut 5.26
Pistacchio >100
Wanut 1.84
Peanut 47.30
We dont give her naything with nuts, just avoid.
Congrats on the class 0's though!! Lets hope they ALL go to that level!!
Caitlin 4-17-00 Allergic to Dairy, Egg, Wheat, Bananas, Grapes, Rye, Sesame, Beef, Garlic, Mustard, Onion, Peas and Avoiding Latex and all Nuts
Sara 2-13-98 NKA (avoiding nuts)
Meghan 2-28-03 dx'ed Reflux - Alimentum feeder, Zantac - 1.5ml 2x/day - RAST neg. for everything.

Posted on: Wed, 01/21/2004 - 5:44am
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It's great she tested negative to nuts, but it is still important for you to avoid them. THere is still a high risk of cross contamination with nuts... they could contain traces of peanuts. Our allergist has advised to avoid all nuts regardless of the negative CAP RAST... just to be safe.

Posted on: Wed, 01/21/2004 - 10:23am
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My son tests over 100 on his CAP RAST for peanuts and below 10 for other nuts. He had a small reaction once to walnuts and has never reacted to peanuts, despite being exposed. So, if your comfort zone is working, I wouldn't necessarily change it.

Posted on: Wed, 01/21/2004 - 10:46am
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I don't think you need to change your comfort zone because of a test result. Everyone with pa needs to be very careful, whether their test results are high or low. In fact, if your child tests very sensitive and yet she's not having reactions, you must be doing a good job. You should pat yourself on the back!
If your daughter has tested positive on a skin test for nuts, I would not feed her any. But the negative blood test is a great sign! Maybe she will outgrow the nut allergy. I hope so!

Posted on: Thu, 01/22/2004 - 3:18am
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Thank you so much for your input.
Jamie had an anaphalactic reaction to peanutbutter residue on another child on Oct. 29, 2003. So my comfort zone did tighten then.
I figure we must be doing ok since she made it through the holidays without a major reaction. We did have a minor reaction on Thanksgiving that we are not sure of a cause.
I am happy with the Class 0 for tree nuts. Hopefully that will mean no reactions from tree nuts!! I think we will still treat her as TNA, but it will relieve my worry a little.

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