Just found out that my PA child is also allergic to tree nuts, but I\'m confused.

Posted on: Tue, 11/07/2000 - 12:21am
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About a week or two ago I found out my son Bobby is also allergic to tree nuts. I'm confused because of the levels & counts. Is he really allergic or is my sons Dr. being overly cautious?

When I took him to the allergist last year she informed me that he was only allergic to peanuts & environmental things. For some reason (being a MOM), my gut feeling recently ordered all test results to be fowarded to my pediatrician.

When he received the test results from his RAST test, he called me & told me to keep Bobby away from tree nuts, his level for HAzelnuts was 3 level, walnuts 2 Level, Filberts 2 level & Almonds & Cashews Level 1.
He did explain most likely almonds & cashews would cause a rash but the rest he wasn't sure what would happen because his body never ingested these items & the counts & levels read low when you never eat something.

HE also explained his peanut Level 5, 20,000 count was so high because, the test was right after he ingested the peanuts. He suggested I go to NY, Mt. Sinai to a world known Dr., Dr. Hugh Sampson, my appt. is in 7 months.

I am so confused should I do this, go to NY?
My Dr. feels they know best & let them determine about the tree nuts. I am sure Bobby has had cakes/cookies with traces of filberts.(Entenmanns)

I also heard they challenge the children at Mt. Sinai, I COULD NEVER DO THAT TO MY SON.

Should I just assume he is allergic to nuts & keep it at that?

Thanks for reading, I know it is a long post but, I can go on & on.

Ronna (Caring Mom)

Stay Safe

Posted on: Tue, 11/07/2000 - 1:02am
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Caring Mom - good question! My son just tested positive to walnuts last week in a skin prick test. I was given no scores whatsoever for any of the things he tested positive for, not from the allergist that day anyway. But, I found it all rather confusing. I'm really interested in seeing what response you get to this thread and wish I could help you, but I'm basically in the same predicament.
I have to wait for when the family doctor gets the allergist's report and then hope that there are some scores there that may or may not be of help to me.
My PA son doesn't eat tree nuts anyway because of the possibility of cross contamination, but for some reason, his father didn't like hearing that he was allergic to walnuts too. I don't know why.
I can deal with it because, as I say, he doesn't eat tree nuts anyway. My Mom had brought me this Waldorf Salad mix thing and it had "may contain trace walnuts" on it. I was surprised that she had given it to me, but she probably looks for "may contain trace peanuts", and this was long before last week, and it was still something I considered that Jesse would not be eating.
Good luck with your post! Best wishes! [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img]

Posted on: Tue, 11/07/2000 - 3:00am
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I can certainly understand why you are confused and concerned. My own opinion is that you should keep your son away from all tree nuts, and not bother visiting another allergist. RAST testing is not 100% accurate; in fact, I think it is a lot less than that. My allergist has explained that levels 3 - 6 are considered allergic, and level 0 is considered not allergic. Anything in between could be questionable. The most reliable indicator is history of reactions. My daughter has reacted to peanuts and walnuts; we avoid all tree nuts as a precaution. She had had almonds a couple of time before her walnut exposure/reaction, so it is tempting for me to believe that she is not allergic to almonds. However, we keep her away from all nuts. My understanding is that there is a lot of cross contamination in the processing of peanuts and tree nuts in the manufacturing plants. Therefore, many peanut allergic individuals avoid all tree nuts. Good luck with your decisions! Miriam

Posted on: Tue, 11/07/2000 - 5:46am
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My son also showed a slight allergy to Almonds but no other tree nuts. Our allergist recommended that we "just avoid all nuts with Alex because it's just easier"
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Posted on: Tue, 11/07/2000 - 10:53am
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Alex's Mom, I think I agree with your allergist. Simply avoid all tree nuts. I strongly agree with California Mom. I have avoided tree nuts and sunflower seeds (not clear why about the sunflower seeds) since we found out about my son's PA.
I just posted last night 3 recipes on this board that I really miss making, but have obviously lived without, and none of them had peanuts in them. One had cashews, another almonds, another sunflower seeds. We have always just avoided tree nuts because the high possibility of cross contamination and now I have another reason, my PA son is allergic to walnuts.
Also, someone somewhere here has a great recipe posted for pesto without nuts.
That's why I gave Jesse the peanut chocolate bar in the first place that 1st reaction day - he had tried pesto with almonds and pesto with walnuts and I didn't know the difference then between tree nuts and peanuts so I thought the peanut would be okay for him to ingest. Wrong. And I guess he simply didn't react to the walnut pesto back then. Best wishes! [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img]

Posted on: Tue, 11/07/2000 - 10:25pm
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My pediatrician explained the same thing to me just to stay away from all tree nuts because, of the sensitivity from the tests & the levels.
I don't seem to understand why the one allergist said that he didn't have allergies to tree nuts only peanuts.
As far as going to NY to this allergist, I have gotten some feedback from my family & they feel you go 1 time maybe 2 & since this Dr. is suppose to be 1 of the best in the US(WORLD so I am told), he would be able to pin point all his allergies & explain all the levels & counts with out any hesitation.
As far as my mom she feels I am wasting my time & what it is, is what it is & this is no big deal just handle it. Maybe because she is old fashioned & 3 out of her 4 children had allergies & asthma.
Until I see this Dr. & if I decide not to I am keeping Bobby away from all NUTS & PEANUTS. I let the school know as soon as I found out & the nurse said she handled it like this right from the beginning because, it usually goes hand in hand.

Posted on: Tue, 11/07/2000 - 11:38pm
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I agree with everyone, and never give my son nuts, although he tested positive only for peanuts. I would go to the allergist, what have you got to lose? Even if it is an out of pocket expense, it may help put you at ease. A word of warning, though. Whenever a doctor is called "one of the best" it doesn't mean he/she has a decent way with people. He/she may be a technical expert or researcher, and may not be the most personable person in the world. (I worked at a Boston teaching hospital for years, can you tell?

Posted on: Wed, 11/08/2000 - 12:26am
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Caring mom, I think that you should do obviously what your gut wants you to do. Personally I would go to the other doctor because you may find out something educational. Chances are he will be allergic but maybe a little more information and knowligable of the allergy. I feel that 2 or 3 opinions are always great. I did with my son and hated what I was told but all 3 agreed wich made staying with the first doctor so much easier. I think the Mt.Sinai is great and if it is not going to inconvience you go for it. However I never feel that a child can be any inconvience. we traveled a lot but it is well worth the answer in the long run. I would stay away from the nuts because my son is very allergic to almonds as well as pistachio and peanuts. All equally bad reactions. He never got just a rash. Best wishes and please let us know the final outcome. claire

Posted on: Wed, 11/08/2000 - 4:05am
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Great post, I also feel my children are not an inconvience, I would go to the ends of the earth for them. I did make the appt. but, I can't see Dr. Sampson until April 23, 2001. My husband said lets do this so we have a better understanding about the two allergies.
I also feel since, I am trying to get a support group together I will learn alot from this allergy group.
My sisters cousin-in-law is a Dr. at Mt. Sinai and he told her I could expect to have the best care & knowledge from this Dr.
I totally trust my pediatrcian & I also felt he knows whats best-but when my Mom speaks I generally listen(maybe I'm still a child at heart). I did explain to her that today is very much different than 40 years ago-You very rarely heard of peanut/tree nut allergies then. She does understand that it is life threating, she just doesn't understand how much time it takes up. The other day she ordered chinese food in front of my son(I was not there, I would not of allowed it) she admitted she got scared & did not even eat it because, she was afraid she might have to epi him.
Thanks for your advice-it helps me understand I am just being an over protective mom like we all are. I'll let you know what happens in April with this Dr.
I know he is truly allergic & I am hoping in my heart that it is not true but, I know the true facts.

Posted on: Wed, 11/08/2000 - 6:56am
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Dear Caring Monm,
Just another note agreeing with everyone else - 1) there is a lot of cross reactivity between peanuts and tree nuts, 2) as your son gets older and has to make his own decisions he may not always be able to differentiate between pn & tn, 3) as for Dr. Sampson, I live the the NY area and know several people who have gone to him. They all found it to be a positive experience. I've never felt the need to go because we seem to have everything under control, but should anything change I would not hesitate.
Regarding your confusing results, when my son was initially tested for pn, they did a skin test. Don't ask me why but for some reason they did not test for tn. Our allergist gave me a whole lecture about pn being legumes, not nuts, this doesn't mean he's allergic to nuts, etc. While we were filling the epipen prescription, my other son asked for pistachios. My little one asked if he could try one too. You can guess the rest. It was quite a scene in the drug store!
Sorry so long, but I remember all too well how confused and hungry I was for info when I was new to this. Good luck to you. [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img]
Oh, BTW I think it was Cindy who mentioned sunflower seeds - the reason to say away form those is that they are often processed along with peanuts. We don't let my son have those either.

Posted on: Wed, 11/08/2000 - 1:49pm
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I took my son to see Dr. Sampson while he was practicing at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore. I would strongly recommend him. He gave me straight answers and practical advice. He is not the kind of doctor that is above saying, "I don't know the answer to that question." I truly value a doctor like that. I have been to too many doctors that don't like to "confess" that they don't know the answer. He tells you what he knows, but also what is not known (and that is a lot - with respect to food allergies). It helped me put things in perspective and make the decisions that I, as a parent, had to make.


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