Just found out my 21 month old child has pa


New to board, just found out last month, and wanted to say hi! I also just recently found out that the baby cookies/food I have been giving my daughter since infantcy is made on equipment that produces peanut butter and jelly bars! Earths Best is an organic baby food company, that produces baby cereal, cookies, bars and jars. They do have it posted on the boxes, but never paid attention to it until it was too late! It also says for babies 9 months and older, so I have been feeding her this and other products from this company and was wondering if this early exposure aided her to getting pa. I called them to tell them a baby food company shouldn't produce any nut products with severe and life threatening nut allergies on the rise in children, but all they said was it is posted on the boxes.... gee thanks!!!

On Oct 25, 2005

Welcome to the boards. Sorry you have to be here but there is lots of information to help you!

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