Just found out 18 month old son has PA


Hi everyone my name is Chrissy, besides being new to the world of a PA child my husband and I just got our first computer and now I known why so I could find this site. Here is my story I am the mother of three 7yrs. 4yrs. and my little guy with the PA is 18 months. About a month ago my oldest was eatting peanuts and dropped one Evan got it and ate it about 5 mins. later I saw the hives on his chest and neck so I gave him benadryl. Then the next week at his well baby check up I told the doctor he then sent us for the rast test on 7 different nuts. It came back on wednesday his PA is 0.85 and he is allergic to almonds that was .041 but I don't known what that means. If someone please send some encourgement and answers my way it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for being here I know I will be a regular.

On Jul 23, 2004

Wow I would love to see that test reading. Our was 44.9 (score of 5/6 I believe)

I think you reading is good, with a good chance of out growing it if you are able to avoid it for a few years for his imm. to build up.

by good chance I mean about 20% of low level readings seem to outgrow the allery. I was told not to count on it because my sons was so high [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/frown.gif[/img]

I wish you luck

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