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just a complaint - kinda long!

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I haven't posted in a while. Since first joining this group, I've learned that my problem is ALL legumes. Not just peanuts.

Today, I'm just writing because I got angry after reading the "Oreo" thread. WHY do food manufacturers have to stick weird stuff in food? When I make food, I don't stick an assortment of oils in it. I have a delicious fudge recipe from my grandmother and it tastes WONDERFUL, even without soy lecithin. I can make thick soups just fine without guar (another legume; who would have thought?).

I thought I was fairly well-educated about the sneaky ways that foods are described. Alas, I don't know everything. After getting sick last week, I learned that mono-diglyceride is a soy derivative. Of course, there's no soy warning on the label because even food allergy people say that it's only the soy proteins that cause problems, so derivatives are fine. Whatever!

And in the end, I guess the problem IS mine. There are tons of e-mail lists and chatgroups for parents of allergic kids. Not so for adults who are new to this world. It makes me feel even more so the odd one out!

Just in case I seem like a complete whiner, I'll end on a happy note. When I can remain legume-free, I feel more healthy and happy than I've felt in years. Since I have this more or less under control, we're thinking of having another baby and I am looking forward to a more energetic pregnancy than I've ever had (health care professionals always chalking up my sleepiness and inability to gain weight to not eating enough -- and encouraging more things like nuts and beans!) So, the future is good now that I have a diagnosis. But that doesn't negate the fact that we live in a world where people put odd additives into food that just don't need to be there!

Thanks for listening, Colleen

On Jul 2, 2006


Understand totally! What is it with the bizarre stuff in foods...like fish oil in granola bars and yogurt and bread. Who in their right mind said, "I think it would be a great idea if we add some fish oil (soy, guar, etc...) to this food!" I never liked the new "fusion" restaurants for that very reason. Don't want garlic in my mashed potatoes, dill in my cornbread, etc... To each his own, but leave MY food alone.

Paddling around in the same boat, Daisy SFA, TNA, etc...

On Jul 2, 2006

Colleen, this is a good place right here for adults with allergies. Read up a bit and you'll see plenty here. good luck Peggy

On Jul 2, 2006



On Jul 2, 2006

i had no idea "guar" was a legume product! it's in everything. so sorry you're dealing with so many foods being a problem for you. sometimes i whine over the peanut thing and then i have to remind myself that so many others are dealing with much more.

On Jul 3, 2006

The one and only benefit to food allergies - as a family we are eating much healthier! I make a lot of stuff by scratch, my mil makes all of our bread (God bless the bread machine and my mil), we shop at the farmer's markets and we hardly ever eat out at fast food restaraunts!

Prior to DS's diagnosis, we had been making small efforts. Free range chickens and eggs and grass fed beef were our first strides especially after we read about how cows become infected with mad cow (came close to giving it all up and going vegetarian after that). Slowly we were eliminating high fructose corn syrup. We are almost all there now. And then of course there is the "fake sugars" which make me dreadfully ill. I have this personal crusade against manufacturers that advertise now with lower sugar and instead of just decreasing sugar, they add chlorinated sugar called sucralose. How hard is it to cut sugar in half? And then to market it to children?? Oh sorry, I have digressed.

------------------ Mommy to Aiden 1/26/05 PA,wheat,barley,soy,egg and others yet to be discovered DS#2 is due July 15, 2006 who we hope will be AF

On Jul 3, 2006

I tested positive to peanut, soy, and all other legumes for which I was tested, so I avoid them all, BUT I *haven't* had problems with soy lechitin, oil, or other derivitives, so I am not strict in my avoidance of those, but even still I have to cook mostly from scratch!

I have the attitude, though, that companies have the right to put whatever ingredients they want in their foods... Making food in bulk that has to be stored for a long period is much different from cooking at home, so using our home recipes just doesn't cut it for manufacturers, so sometimes they do have reasons for what seems stupid to us (often it is financial, I think).

The only thing I *expect* from companies is that they be clear and honest in their labeling (and this is much better than in the past).

I am always VERY happy when I find a company/products that I can use and I let them know and make sure they get lots of my money [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img]

You are right that adults, esp, I think people with adult onset PA, have different issues than the parents of kids/teens... but this website has been a wonderful place for support and information!

Tara P