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I was so excited about posting questions that I did not introduce myself. I have a 3 year old son with a pretty severe nut allergy (pnut & tree). We have no family history. I have had to educate myself and I do a lot of research. I have several friends that also have children with PA, so I share whatever I find out with them. My two biggest problems right now.... eliminating nuts from our preschool and moving to Hong Kong next month.

I am amazed daily with the lack of understanding from 'friends'. They are more concerned with their child not having their peanut butter for lunch than with my child dieing... and I know most of you have encountered the same thing.

We are also moving to Hong Kong. One GREAT thing is that his new school will be nut and dairy free!! I am concerned with the long flight over and labeling over there.

I already have an appointment set up with an allergist and I am hoping he can help me find other moms that I can learn from.

I am so glad that I found this site and I will share it with my friends.

On Jul 6, 2006


And for your big move, I would suggest stocking up on your EpiPen-Jr's. I have heard they are not available by prescription in some places abroad.

When you get your Rx filled, let the Pharmacist know you are going overseas, so they can get you the Epi w/ the longest expiration date (usually about 18 mo).

Good luck, Daisy