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The nursing director for our school district gave me a copy of an article out of the April 2000 edition of Journal of school nursing. It is entitled The Challenge of making the school enviorment safe for children with food allergies. It is an excellant article. I have not had to check to see if there is a link to it or not.

The article describes the rights to an education,developing a plan,Food in the classroom,other issues, the older child,training school staff,sample letters, and resources. Great stuff!

On May 4, 2000

Rilira, I would love a copy of this. Please let me know if you find a link. Thanks. Rae

On May 4, 2000

Rae, There is a link to view the journals it is at [url=""][/url]

However, the current edition isn't posted yet.The article is in Volume 16 number 2. They have volume 16 number 1 posted but not the one you want yet. Maybe just keep checking back to see when they post it. Or if you need it right away i could copy it and send it regular mail.

On Aug 13, 2000

Linda; Thank you for sending me a copy of this article. I tried to download it from the link but all I got was the table of contents.

With school starting, I urge everyone to talk with their school's nurse and ask her to read The Journal of School Nursing issue Volume 16