Johnny Rockets

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Johnny Rockets opened in our neighborhood. Their website indicates they are allergy conscious and knowledgeable. I'd love to hear first hand experiences.

On Jan 3, 2009

I've always been a bit leary about that place since they make PB&J sandwiches at the same station as everything else. On a busy day, you can see how messy it can get and the lack of care. Maybe on a day when it's not crowded at all and they can pay special attention but otherwise, we've always avoided it.

On Jan 7, 2009

I agree...several years ago I visited a Johnny Rockets and sat so I could see the sandwich prep area. I watched (in horror) as I saw the sandwich guy take the knife out of the PB bin and place it into the Mayo bin. We got up and left immediately and I told the manager as I was leaving.