Johnny Rockets

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Sad about this one.


On Dec 20, 2005

My son and I decided he would avoid Johnny Rockets because of their PB&J on the menu.

He found himself at our local place one day and had a heart to heart with the manager who now makes all of my son's foods separate from anything else. So my son now feels safe to go there.

I do not agree but honestly he made this relationship, they know his name and call out to him when he comes in so he trusts them.


On Dec 22, 2005

I'm not sad about this one. Have you ever eaten there? IMO, it is overpriced, overcooked and the service has been rude. Not missing much here.

On Dec 22, 2005

I've been to Johnny Rockets once, about 8 years ago, and have never gone back. This was pre-food allergies too.

You see, I grew up on In-N-Out, and Johnny Rockets just doesn't compare.

When we want good burgers, we go to a local chain called Nations, to Red Robin, or take the 15 mile trek to the nearest In-N-Out.

JR's is just kitschy... that's the only appeal.