Johnny Carinos?

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Is Johnny Carinos a safe place to eat? If so what do you order? I was told that Olive Garden was not safe. My son is PA/EA and peas. Thanks, Nancy

On Feb 13, 2006

We were planning on trying Johnny Carinos but we never went. I got as far as their website & I couldn't find any ingredient or allergen info, so we put it off. I also thought it looked a little fancy for our 2-year-old (our standards are so low these days!) But I'm interested to know if anyone else knows anything about the place.

------------------ Maura P.

On Apr 3, 2006

Our 3 1/2yr old dd is PA and we eat with her at Johnny Carinos often. She eats the bread they bring to the tables and she eats grilled chicken with veggies. I think I've had them do mac and cheese for her too. She's always loved it and never had any problems. Cindy

On Apr 4, 2006

I've eaten at Johnny Carino's 3 times in the San Diego area. I ate the lasagna and nothing else. Been fine each time. I did my usual informing the server and/or the manager of my allergies. They took it quite seriously and were confident in keeping me safe.