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We had this dilemma.

My son is applying for a bookstore job while he searches out grad programs. I think last year he lost a job because they asked about his PA after seeing his medic alert. I know that's illegal but to prove it is another story.

So he had an interview at a NICE store and we had discussed this together and gotten (good, thank you) advice on how to handle this. Medic alert? Wear it or not? Epis visible or not.

He decided he would feel more like himself with everything the way it always is. Epis visible and medic alert in place.

The interviewer actually did ask and DS told him about the PA. The guy said "Wow I'm allergic to _______" and gave DS a whole list of foods plus bees he himself is allergic to. He was impressed that DS carried two epi pens. He thanked DS for being honest and wearing the medic alert because he once found an employee on the floor of the break room in insulin shock (he had not told anyone he was diabetic.)

SO that part of the angst was over with. There is no cafe in the store so the chance of meeting up with food is rare. DS had NO problems anticipating the actual interview, that was a cake walk, he's good at that.

They just called and he GOT THE JOB. He starts orientation tomorrow!

This book store just felt so right. Everyone behind the counter seemed a bit older than the people at the other places he looked at. They were all so friendly and DS just felt the place smelled right to him.

This is such good news.

I have to add that the reason he got the interview was because he was persistent and assertive. He handed in the application and called two days later and did everything right.


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On Aug 2, 2007

Peg, you must be [i]kvelling[/i]. I am, and he's not even mine! [img][/img]

Seriously, I'm thrilled for him. And a bookstore is just where I'd imagine him working - at a real one, where people actually know what they're talking about. [img][/img]


On Aug 2, 2007


Congrats to your son! This seems like just the right job for him...a real bookstore. I know he'll do well.

And what a great bonus that he will have a co-worker already Epi-trained. [i]And he might teach his interviewer a thing or two.[/i]

Cheers, Daisy

On Aug 2, 2007

Yay!! [img][/img]

Three cheers for your DS!!!

(I remember how disheartening it was last time.)

I just know he's found the perfect spot. [img][/img]

On Aug 2, 2007

Thanks, he's happy. He has all of the skills to do this well. People skills and book skills. Peg

On Aug 3, 2007

Yahoo! Good for him. Congratulations

On Aug 5, 2007

Oh Peg--I'm absolutely thrilled! Give him our congratulations.

Now that's a great kind of place for an employee discount!

On Aug 6, 2007

Yes now he can buy hardcovers of the books he treasures.

And hopefully put most of his check away for grad school.


On Aug 6, 2007

Terrific news! Congrats to your son!

On Aug 11, 2007

Congratulations to your son on getting the job [i]and[/i] going on to grad school!

On Aug 17, 2007


How does your son like his new job? A bookstore is an awesome place to work. I would never save any money.


On Aug 17, 2007

He's very happy there thanks for asking. No issue at all with food. He brings lunch or whatever and eats at a coffee shop outside. He has a great discount but is trying to save for a car and grad school. They are wonderful with orientation and he's been able to use and flex his people skills. So it's working out beautifully. Peg