JetBlue/Disney - AWESOME - Seaworld - eh....


Highly recommend Disney for PA family vacations. JetBlue...10 thumbs up!!! Both went over and above and can't wait to write letters to just thank them. Absolutely over and above!!! I've never been a "Disney" person but I'll admit it now...I was so impressed with everything...I'm hooked.

Seaworld on the other daughter wasn't with us for Seaworld but if she were, I wouldn't have been comfortable there. Food areas were disorganized. No one even cared we were there ordering never mind that answering questions about PA. (As a side note....thought it was totally overrated. Paid $230 for entrance tickets for a single day. Maps for park useless. Shows were incredibly short - 15 minute shows, tops). Can't wait to write them a letter as to how disappointed I was with their park.

On Dec 12, 2005

Sorry for your day at Sea World. My family (we have a 6 year old PA/TNA)had a great time there the week before Thanksgiving. We ate at the the Underwater Grill next to Shark Encounter and the chef came out and talked to us. Also the maps there are the same layout as Disney, Epcot, Universal. There were no lines for anything there (we always take Disney vacations on NON-VACATION school weeks, this is a better for allergic children) and we got to see all the shows. I do hope the rest of the trip was nice and I am sorry for the not so good time you had at Sea World. We also took Jet Blue and they were nothing but nice and knew what questions and what precautions to take. A HUGE thumbs up [img][/img]

On Dec 14, 2005

Oh, please don't let our experience at SeaWorld overshadow the real message...Disney and JetBlue went over and above for PA. And yes, thank you, the rest of the trip was awesome! :-) I know there were others travelling the same week after us (we talked about it earlier in the year on different threads) and I was just following up their request for our experience.

As far as SeaWorld was concerned...I guess our experiences were different. We did have fun and the kids liked it because we made it fun but DH and I didn't think the shows weren't anything to write home about...that is...I expected more [i]because[/i] it was SeaWorld but we had seen the same or better Six Flags. (not arguing here...just clarifying my comment above - though the maps were the same layout, not all the attractions were on the map and there were errors on it making it confusing to land-mark.)

Glad you had a good time though.

On Dec 14, 2005

I just got in from a boston to orlando trip and both jetblue and disney where great!