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I just called JETBLUE because DS&I are flying to NC this August JETBLUE states they serve cashews on all flights. They did offer not to serve cashews during our flight. But Im not sure my nerves will make the trip -They also offered me the abilty to load on early to wipe down my area!!! How will I ever get to NC!!!! My husband tells me to relax if I can go in to a public library and let him roam,read and play then I can handle an airplane. He did fly when he was 8months and I think they served peanuts back then and he was ok. But the fear is so GREAT...HAS ANYONE FLOWN JETBLUE?????????? DS -PA only

On Jun 20, 2008

I have been on Jet Blue and my daughter is high with peanuts and cashews. JUst get on early clean everything with some clorox wipes and give your child a correct dose of benadryl. Ask the flight crew to say that their is a child highly allergic to nuts. I also asked the people around me to please not eat any nuts and offered to buy them a drink. Most people are wonderful but I can't say all will be kind so just do your best. Don't worry just breath and the benadryl should help a lot.

On Jun 20, 2008


Though they did say they couldn't guarantee anything, like all airlines, they allowed us to board early so we could wipe everything down. Not only did they allow me to bring in a sheet to cover her seat with, but they suggested it to me. When I said I was bringing medical masks in the event of a stubborn passenger and that if needed, we woudl all wear them and not just DD, they said was totally fine but to let the crew know as soon as we boarded so it wouldn't scare passengers & crew. Then!!! Then!! They came over to us prior to take-off and showed us the label of EVERYTHING they were going to serve! They usually offer Biscotti but because it had almonds on it, they said they didn't even take it out. I said she wasn't allergic to almonds and THEY said THEY didn't want to take the chance!!!

OMG...I will ONLY fly Jet Blue!!!

I can't promise what you're experience will be but it apperas someone, somewhere taught these people on my flight the right thing to do. OH...and they did make an announcement.

On Jun 22, 2008

If your ds is *only* allergic to peanuts, and not cashews, I can't see how it would be a problem. My dd is only peanut allergic (she avoid eating all nuts b/c of the cross contamination/confusion issues, but she's *not* allergic to tree nuts). I'm fine with other people eating tree nut (not peanut) products around her...I think the odds that she'd have an airborne reaction to a possibly cross contaminated product are practically nil. She's never had an airborne reaction even to I'd be fine with cashews, walnuts, etc...

I'd just have them not serve the cashews (if it makes you feel better) and then wipe down the seats, etc... as you would anyways. And of course, bring his own snacks...

On Jun 28, 2008

We just flew JetBlue last week to NY from Fl. My son has a severe peanut allergy, so I called them after booking my reservations online. They reassured me that they don't serve peanuts, but you never know what people may bring aboard to eat. They suggested telling the head flight attendant when boarding, which I did. Going to NY and coming home, they didn't serve anything with nuts.-no cashews, biscotti, choc. chip cookies. They asked what row are we in, and they actually came and checked on us a couple of times (going to NY) and making sure I had epinephrine with me (call me crazy, I brought all 6 of ours on board). On the way home to Fl, I hadn't heard an announcement right away, so I called a flight attendant, who said they will do it shortly, which he did. However, after the flight attendant made his speech, I actually heard people laughing around me! I was livid! My son didn't hear the giggles, he was just happy hearing the announcement about no nuts (he's only 5). so as far as nuts go, we had a good experience. The fact that Jetblue lost one of my carseats for 2 days is a whole other story!

On Jun 29, 2008

I prefer to only fly JETBLUE! We go to orlando every year and they are wonderful to my son (PA and TNA). As was mentioned before, we wipe down the seats with clorox wipes (they have provided me with antiseptic wipes as well but I am neurotic and think that "what if he is allergic to their wipes?!!?) They always make an announcement to the passengers and never serve any of their products that contain nuts/cashews/etc. I also had passengers laugh or giggle, I guess we can't expect everyone to understand. The last time we flew, a passenger next to me stated that "she was glad they made an announcement because she always brings a bag of nuts on board for a snack and she wouldn't have thought twice about bringing them out. Now she won't." I thanked her and told her it was my son (next to me) who had the allergies. As she said, "what are the chances".

On Jul 4, 2008

My son is severely allergic to peanuts and a moderate RAST score for cashews. He had respiratory difficulties just passing by a nut vendor in a park in Boston

But we have never had a problem on Jet Blue. It is the only airline that I am comfortable taking my son on because they seem to really understand the situation. We used to fly United and American but they tend to serve snacks that contain tree nuts, like trail mix or cereal with almonds. They might have different snacks these days...we haven't flown them in years because they don't standardly pull nutty snacks from the service upon request. Jet Blue does! We have flown Jet Blue numerous times. I also like that they have leather seats rather than fabric and more leg room. Much easier to be sure the seats and area are clean.

On Aug 12, 2008

Thank you all for the support. We did great,home safe and sound. Thanks again everyone. DS pa only

By antsmom on Feb 19, 2010

I wanted to let everyone know that I just returned from Florida on Jet Blue. We always fly Jet Blue with my Peanut/Tree Nut allergic son. They have always not served the cashews or biscottis and made an announcement to passengers not to eat any nut products they may have brought on board. Going down to FLA was fine. On the way home, the flight attendant told us that Jet Blue has a new policy, they will no longer make any announcement and will create a 3 row buffer zone in front and behind the person. The flight attendant said that they had been informed of this policy a few days ago.

Thankfully (I guess) there were 4 people on the flight with nut allergies, so the flight crew chose not to serve any nut products. I have gone onto the Jet Blue website to express my feelings on this policy change. I was hoping to get enough people to complain so that they would go back to their previous practices.


By NicoleMc on Feb 21, 2010

That is very disappointing. I for one don't feel that a buffer zone is sufficient protection on an aircraft where the air is recirculated.

We usually fly Air Transat or Sunwing and we have had good experiences with both. Good luck with your attempts to get Jet Blue to change their policy back...I plan to check the site out and will make a comment.


By Mom2K on Jul 24, 2010

We recently flew Jet Blue for the first time (two round trips actuall), it also was the first time my PN/TN allergic child flew. I have to say that they were VERY incosistent. I did let them know before flying via the 1800 line, they made a note on my reservation. The person on the phone couldn't tell me the policy.

We notified the gate agent at each flight.

Our best leg was where the gate agent said the flight attendants had been informed and the FA made an announcement and said no nuts were being served on the flight due to a severe allergy (perhaps there were multiples on board).

Another leg I informed the gate agent and the FA as we boarded and he said he'd create a buffer but he forgot. My husband had to stop and remind him and he said "oops, I forgot". Nice huh?

Third and 4th leg I informed the gate agent and he told me about the buffer zone and said, "I hope you have your epi pens". Not a great way to start. They did make an announcement to the row ahead and behind and didn't serve nuts.

So four trips and pretty much 3 different experiences. The buffer was ONLY 1 row in front and 1 row behind and NOT across the aisle.

I need to send Jet Blue a letter/e-mail. We didn't have any issues but it was not comforting that each flight was completely different.

By sidni on Aug 12, 2010

I have flown Jet Blue several times without a problem. Everytime, they have decided not to serve nuts, and made announcements most of those times...