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We have always used Jet Blue everytime we fly because the are usually great about my 4 yr olds nut allergy. The flight down was great but the flight home was far from wonderful. A man one row behind across the isle was NOT happy he couldn't have his cashews. The flight attendant actually pionted at my daughter and told me to explain to him why he couldn't have his nuts. I was so shocked and hurt by his and the attendants reactions. He thought it was stupid that he couldn't eat the nuts when he wasn't next to her. I explained that all the air is recycled and that her throat could close then he old me she should have to wear a mask. At that point I just sat back in my seat and couldn't speak to him anymore because I was so upset he was being such a jerk, especially because Talia heard it all. I have to write Jet Blue and let them know some of their employees need to brush up on there service skills. I should have never been pointed out -- thank god my husband was not with me or there would have been alot of yelling and possible a fight on the plane between him and the jerk who couldn't have his 10 cashews.

On Dec 20, 2006

...I once had a flight attendant announce my seat number when she said they couldn't serve peanuts (Southwest)...

I was in my late 20's, and I had a hard time handling the embarassment and horrible comments by the angry passengers...


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On Jan 13, 2007


... that really stinks that they put you in that position. And that also (edited) that those around you didn't say something to(edited).

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On Jan 31, 2007

I had a similar experience with a passenger on a Jet Blue flight. We spotted her in the terminal nearby eating peanuts from a can and sure enough when we boarded she was to sit next to DD. I explained the situation to the flight attendant with DD in tears and terrified to get on the plane. They made the announcement (in english & spanish) that they wouldn't be serving anything with nuts and to please not eat anything with nuts on the plane. We then moved DD to another seat. The flight attendants also went up to the woman, pointed at the nuts and told her she couldn't eat them. She grumbled to her husband but didn't eat them. I wrote to Jet Blue to thank them for taking care of the situation.

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On Jan 31, 2007

I had a similar experience on a Delta flight. There were college students sitting behind us and the attendant told them she wouldn't be serving any peanuts due to a severe allergy of one of the passengers. The kid started getting annoyed and asking all these questions about how bad it could be. The attendent said they didn't want to take any chances but he still was insisting. She then asked him if he would like to meet the beautiful litle girl and speak to her Mom. I was shocked but didn't turn around to acknowledge it was us. Luckily, he said no and let it go. She offered him plenty of other snacks to eat that were safe.

On Feb 1, 2007

The best experience I've had - I think it was a Delta flight - was when a passenger started to complain, the flight attendent said very firmly, "We don't want to have to divert the flight due to a medical emergency."

That shut him up - he might risk my son's health, but God forbid his flight get diverted.

I still prefer to flight peanut-free flights, though.

On Aug 18, 2007

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