Jet Blue


Hi All, Flew Jet Blue for our trip to New York. I was very surprised that they served cashews. We avoid all nuts --My son is more allergic to peanuts but also has a tree nut allergy. They made an announement for people to please not eat peanut products. They asked if it was O.K. to serve the cashews and I said yes--I admit I was a bit nervous. Alex was fine. Just a fyi for those of you with a severe tree nut allergy. Beth

On Nov 13, 2006

I flew Jet Blue from NY to LA (well, into Burbank) at the end of September-- they had a couple nutty options, I think biscotti and maybe mixed nuts, but when I boarded the plane I told them I was allergic... A flight attendant opened up a snack cabinet and asked me to show her what was ok and what wasn't. They made an announcement shortly after takeoff about that there was a passenger with nut allergies on board. About half way through the flight, the same flight attendant came to me re: someone wanting to eat a PB sandwich, and asked if I would be safe or not. I told her that it might be okay, but I'd rather not find out 93573975397 feet in the air.

I don't think the flight attendants were thrilled to be dealing with a nut allergic passenger but they took care of everything as promised, made announcements, and I arrived safe and sound...