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I thought I read a while ago about a brand of jelly beans that are peanut and tree nut free. Are they Blueberry Hill? Where can you find those? Are there any other jelly beans that are safe? I'm trying to get my Easter goodies together.Thanks. Kathy

On Mar 5, 2008

blueberry hill are usually sold at walmart or target? we use gimballs fine candies and sometimes the starburst jelly beans i think. we avoid brachs, generics and jelly belly and anything else with a warning.

On Mar 6, 2008

We use Just Born (maker of Mike and Ike). Not sure, but I think they are made only around Easter - I get them at Walgreen's

On Mar 6, 2008

I just found Blueberry Hill brand jelly beans at Walmart. They were hard to find-they don't say "blueberry hill" on the front anywhere! They are in a blue bag that reads "Tiny Jelly Eggs" on the front with a cartoonish Easter bunny. It also says "8 assorted flavors." You have to flip it to the back to see that it is made by Blueberry Hill.