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Hi Everyone, I just found this site and it has really helped me. My youngest son, Jack, is allergic to peanuts. We found out when he had a reaction at daycare when he was 15 months old. We had never directly given him peanuts at home but I had nursed him and eaten peanut butter. The allergist did a general panel of tests along with the peanut skin test. The only thing that he tested positive to at that time was peanut. Starting with that reaction to peanut butter he kept getting double ear infections. That was Sept. of '98. Round after round of antibiotics didn't keep him well. Finally we took him to an ENT in the beginning of November. He had tubes put in his ears and his adenoids removed on Dec. 1. We thought that would be the end of the ear infections. He was on antibiotics and steroids until Feb. He stopped having ear infections and started having sinus infections. I took him back to the allergist in Mar. for more allergy testing. He tested positive to egg yolk, soy, yeast, orange, corn, oats, turkey, dust mites, and mold. Now that we know and have changed his diet and his room he has not had any kind of infection since April. I wish I would have put everything together sooner. Has anyone else had the same kind of experience? Testing positive to only peanut and then developed other allergies? I wonder if the peanut reaction triggered something or if he was just destined to have more allergies. I am thankful for this site. I had not thought of getting a medic alert bracelet for him. I am going to get one before he goes back to daycare. I am interested in hearing from other parents of young children, he's 2 now, with a peanut allergy.

On Jul 29, 1999

Kris If you read Ricky story on intro board here you realize he too has many allergies and lived on anibotic's as an infant. He has never eaten peanuts or shellfish but tests very allergic to both. He was breastfed. Currently he is now restricted from ten foods but it used to be more foods. I didn't get my son tested until age 3 1/2 after I changed ped's. I'm glad that you have gotten this done at a young age and know what to truly avoid to keep him safe and to help him outgrow some of his allergies. When he was little Ricky would "help' read ingred list etc at Fresh Fields when on wheat, egg,dairy, white potato, and nut restricted diet. It was great to have him involved in buying making his foods. He is almost 9 now.

Again, glad you found this board. It sometimes seems hard cooking different meals for different family members but it is possible.

Ricky never eaten turkey but tested class II on CAP RAST testing. We are planing a food challenge on this soon. Did your son have skin-pricks or CAP RAST? My son has had both several times(but won't have skin for peanut of shellfish again as it exposes the allegen to him.) The results of testing did change for my son usually finding more allergies, however the food challenges usually helped as add foods back into his diet. Take care,


On Jul 29, 1999

Kris--I'm a PA mom with PA kid. There is such a thing called the "allergic march", which means that an infant will test positive to something he is really allergic to, and as he gets older, more allergies, asthma, etc. will show up. I'm not saying this happens to all children, it just can happen. Your story is pretty much what happened to me as a child, we still don't know about my youngest son as he is only 2. The good news is that I did outgrow almost everything except the allergy to peanuts and the asthma. So, don't despair. That's why is also important to keep having your child retested periodically. Sorry to be terse, my kids are screaming!

On Jul 29, 1999

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On Jul 29, 1999

Thanks for your responses. Jack had the skin-prick tests. The peanut skin-prick looked like a huge mosquito bite and his other positives looked more like little red bumps. I don't know any numbers like the other people seem to know...I guess I'll have to ask at his next appointment in Aug. Jack also has problems with skin rashes. I'm have been working on clearing up this last one for two weeks. He has also been on Vanceril and Serevent for his coughing (mainly at night).

On Jul 30, 1999

Hi all,

I outgrew many severe allergic reactions, including asthma, as a child. Known allergens were feathers and cats, although testing for allergens was not a common thing then. (I am 43 years old). But now, my 2 yr old son is allergic to pnts (+ 20 wheal) and also dogs and cats. He has not yet (thanks to God) developed asthma. I am hopeful he will outgrow his pet allergy, but have come to terms with the fact that the p.a. will probably be a lifelong thing.

Stay Safe All.