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Ivory Soap/Irish Spring

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My step daughter is PA and is quite in denial about it. She told me she reacts to Irish Spring GREEN soap, and Ivory. Are these not PA safe?

I just want to pass it on to her if you guys know, and maybe she'd finally "get it". Right now she still eats PB, even though she went into anaphylaxis from peanuts once. ("but if I have only a tiny bit and lots of jam, my tongue just tingles a bit")She doesn't carry an epi.

On Aug 15, 2003

Sorry to hear your step-daughter is in such denial about the PA. I know it's hard to watch people you care for neglect things such as this.

I do not know or think there is peanuts/peanut oils in those two brands of soap. I am not peanut allergic (my kids are), but I have issues with both brands myself. It's a sensitive skin issue. There are many soaps I cannot use. Has nothing to do with PA.

It's sad she would put her own life at such risk. It might take another major reaction for her to accept it as a part of life. She might never accept it. Denial is one of those things you can't bring someone else out of, they have to come out of it themselves.

Good luck to you and her! ~Melanie

On Aug 15, 2003

According to Proctor and Gamble, I was told Ivory is PN/TN free, did not ask about Irish Spring as we can't use much of anything with a nice smell. Both kids 1 PA, 1 supposedly not but reacts to everything anyways, can use Ivory with no problem, we use it mainly for hand washing so they're exposed to it multiple times during the day.

On Aug 16, 2003


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On Aug 17, 2003

Just our experience here....My oldest child has life-threatening p.a./tree nut allergies and uses both Ivory Soap(handwashing only) and bathes with Irish Spring (green) without any problems.

You are wise to check into soaps. We used to use Cetaphil lotion and cream til my kids complained of burning/itching skin after applying it. Turns out they started putting nut oils in both products. The Cetaphil bar soap and liquid soap does not have those ingredients and doesn't bother them. I've also seen peanut oil listed in some eye creams so I'm more careful about checking ingredients on soaps/cosmetics.

On Aug 21, 2003

About the soap- if your child has a peanut allergy, she can also be at a risk for developing a skin sensitivity. i am a middle school student with a severe peanut allergy and mild asthma, and i never ever eat peanuts if i can help it. maybe you should inform her how deadly peanuts are to those with the allergy, depending on her age. and always supervise her consumption of foods and when at school (if she goes that is)maybe she should have a chaperone watch her food intake.