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Posted on: Fri, 03/28/2008 - 2:27pm
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Hello everyone!
I've been checking this board for a couple years, but never got around to joining until now. I guess my daughter going to Kindergarten summer school soon gave me the push I needed!

A little about us: Our oldest had her first reactions to PB as an infant when my hubby would kiss her after eating PB. We and our pediatrician didn't think much of it, just to give her Benadryl and avoid PN. Her first injestion was at around 1 1/2 at her child care. They had some new snack with Butterfingers in it and I had a call. My daughter was red in the face and ears, swelling, hives, kind of in a daze, and threw up right before we left. Here's the kicker - the pediatrician's phone nurse flatly denied it could be a reaction, probably a stomach bug! Second injestion also at daycare with a jelly bean that had been mixed with peanut candy, from a teacher that adored our DD. Later found out our daughter was fussy and cranky/crying all day (the teacher had been giving the jelly beans to kids all day as potty rewards), but after eating the candy her face/ears went red and her eyes swelled. Still no epipen, just Benadryl. We were so lucky.

We initiated the EpiPen with our MD, even after getting the Rast with a class 6 result. Fortunately we've never had to use one. Now with Kindergarten coming up, I'm really nervous about all the uncontrolled food and possibilities. At least in her current childcare all food is provided by the facility, unless a parent brings in special treats which her current teachers monitor closely. There are 5 other peanut kids in her preschool class alone.

Thanks to all for reading. It's so good to come to a place where people get it and understand the mental stress of keeping up with PA!

Posted on: Fri, 03/28/2008 - 4:18pm
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Welcome. I'm glad you decided to join. I know you'll find alot of help and support on these boards.

Posted on: Mon, 03/31/2008 - 6:47am
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Wow! 5 other kids... All of you need to get together to make the school Peanut free! ( or at least the class rom! that is a lot).
I am surprised that the daycare didn't do something about it after the first reaction..
glad your here!

Posted on: Mon, 03/31/2008 - 10:35am
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Yes, there are a bunch of kids with PN allergies. In all of the classrooms there is a list of the kids and their allergies/food preferences. I don't know if I should, but I frequently scan the signs in my kids' rooms to see what allergies there are. In the common area on the preschool side, there is a FULL bulletin board with pictures of the kids with food allergies and what they are. I don't mind this because at the end of the day, all the classes combine into one for dinner and they have a different evening teacher until close. I would rather have the info out in the open, and no one has been teased about it. It also helps that the center provides all meals and snacks, so parent inconvenience isn't a big concern. Now I wouldn't want the same kind of thing posted in my DD's upcoming school. The same info accessible for the lunchroom monitor, yes, but not for the entire cafeteria to see.
After talking to Chris, I see I really need to speak with the Director and have some more info about policies. The Director changed last year, and I have never met with her. Previously, I was told there was no PB in the kitchen except for a couple staff members who felt they needed it for their diabetes. Other than the one blatant PB containing food, we haven't had center based food issues. It's more the teachers/parents bringing in treats. Signs are posted for parties not to bring in chocolate or nut/PB food due to allergies and I think parents and teachers truely do they best they know. They do allow the other "facility" and "equipment" warnings but let us know and do not let DD have them. She has other snacks to pick from. But I do worry sometimes about that small chance of residue that could be present.
I'm making a list of things to ask the director about, especially since there are such high numbers. I'm amazed at the things I hadn't thought of. And I thought I had it all under control. Any other question ideas would be greatly appreciated! I'm making a similar list for our new school, but I know it's going to be much more complicated.

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