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Hello all,

It's been a LONG time since I posted on this site (2004, I believe). Just for a little background, when my son was first diagnosed in 2003, I checked this site everyday, several times a day. I continued to do this for almost a year. I found the community very supportive and I learnt so much about the allergy but finally, I had to quit going to the site. I was just thinking (obsessing) about my son's PA way too much and I eas making myself anxious.

So why am I posting? Well, when I was really stressed about my son's allergy I used to love stories of kids who outgrew their PA. Turns out, my son MIGHT end up being one of those kids. When he was last tested two years ago, his welt was about the size of a quarter. Last week, we went back for allergy testing and his welt is now about the size of a pimple. The allergist would like us back in two more years to see if this is a trend.

I should also mention he has not developed asthma or any other allergies (I could have sworn he had EAs). He has not had eczema for over 6 months.

All very hopeful I guess, but to tell you the truth when I took him to the allergist last week, all that I was hoping for was that things had not gotten worse. Since he was diagnosed 3 years ago, his PA has become such a part of our lives, we hardly think about it. Label reading and carrying an epipen have become like breathing! It's interesting that when I finally no longer cared if he outgrew his allergy or not was when I got the news that he might outgrow.

Anyway, it occured to me that this story might help some PA parents who are struggling to accept the allery or/and are hoping their child outgrows.


P.S. I now have a 19 month old daughter, who has no allergies (she was tested last week as well). Of course, we have not exposed her to peanuts/tree nuts... :-)

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On May 5, 2006

Eczema related to peanut allergy??? Mine seems to almost always have it too???

On May 5, 2006

Hi Jen, I am in a similar situation and come and go, sometimes not reading the board for a while and then catching up. I have found it so incredibly helpful and supportive too, and post every now and again to glean some info from an incredible wealth of knowledgable people. I too stop when my anxiety rises and I find myself feeling overwhelmed. I am so glad to hear of your good news. I guess it has given me some hope to read such a story. I wish you all the best and hope things continue to go so well for your family. My daughter will be re-tested in July. Her allergy Dr. does the skin test too. She is 6 now and had a full blown anaphylaxis at 3 to her 3rd peanut exposure (accidental at a friends house - at that stage we just didn't know as much as I do now). Best wishes from Australia! Ellie

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Originally posted by CdnJulie: [b]Eczema related to peanut allergy??? Mine seems to almost always have it too???[/b]

Yes, eczema, allergies and asthma are all atopic conditions and there is a tendancy for them to go together.


On May 5, 2006

Thank you for posting this. I am so glad for you and your child. Rejoice!!!