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I cannot say enough about the wonderful experience we had traveling in Italy and Germany. I am PA and I purchased some of those translation cards to take with me. In Italy, I felt like I could eat anything! It was like peanuts didn't even exist. Almost everyone used olive oil, and when they didn't use that it was sunflower oil. I was able to eat everything that I wanted without incident (I'm not TA, so I think that makes things a lot easier). The only place they even told us they used peanut oil was in Venice, and it turned out they were just confused. It turned out they meant "semi" (sp?) which is what they called sunflower oil. Germany was great, too. The bakeries didn't have a single peanut item in them! There were, however, all manner of other sorts of nuts. I was in heaven (as someone who rarely eats any sort of baked good here in the US). People were kind when we tried to speak the languages and receptive to our translation cards. I'm considering moving to Europe, although I'd probably gain 300 pounds if I could eat everything I wanted! [img][/img] I just wanted to share this story in case any of you are considering European travels.

On Jan 26, 2007

yes, we were in Italy for our honeymoon last year and it was great.. didn't see peanuts anywhere! ate lots of pasta, pizza, etc

the gelato was delicious too!! ate it every day (although I am PA only.. there are some hazelnut flavour gelatos)

On Jan 27, 2007

Did you find that the foods were pretty safe for TNA as well except for baked goods? I've been to Italy many times and never had any problems, as long as I stay away from desserts, but I've never been to Germany at all.

On Feb 8, 2007

What about lupine flour? Did you ask about that? Does anyone know if this is being used widely?

On Feb 8, 2007

Hi Mimi, There is a RAST test available for lupine. My doctor gave me a prescription for the lupine RAST but I forgot all about it until it was too late.

I was in France last May/June and avoided anything with flour - which I probably would have done anyway because of x-cont. in bakeries.

It is my understanding that lupine flour isn't used as much in Italy as in France.

It is definitely easier to eat in Italy with PA than in France.

On Feb 11, 2007

Thanks Adele, While we're not planning to take our kids to Europe any time soon, I would love to take them to Italy some day. It's one of my favorite countries. The lupine thing is scary though because it can be in anything!

On Feb 21, 2007

I did not ask about the Lupine flour, but I'm thinking Italy is probably the safest in that regard. Honestly I didn't think to ask. A lot of semolina is used there for the pastas Is lupine flour used widely in France? I would think that there would be family recipes that have been handed down for generations, and that they wouldn't have been changed. Is lupine flour used in the US as well?