Island of Oahu

Posted on: Wed, 04/23/2008 - 7:49am
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We will be traveling to Oahu this summer, anyone has good experience there with restaurants?

Posted on: Wed, 05/28/2008 - 2:32pm
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I grew up on Oahu and have been back a couple of times with my son who is PA.
We have taken him to eat at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Kahala. They have a Japanese food restaurant near the entrance and we had rice and teriyaki meat. We have also gotten Boston Pizza a shop in Kailua (Windward side of Oahu).
Please be careful about where you eat. Even for us non PA's it was not always great. I stopped at a small Korean BBQ in Kailua, and they had a heated countertop with pans of food on it (like you would have at a deli) and as I was ordering I noticed a baby cockroach on the pans, and after I pointed it out to the worker, she nonchalantly tried to catch it, wasn't alarmed or anything, and then I noticed a few other baby cockroaches on different parts of the counter. They do have a bad roach problem in Hawaii, in the tropics if you don't clean it up right away and clean it well, the roaches come. Ugggh.

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