Isaiah Hall Inn on Cape Cod


My parents have just taken ownership of an inn, Isaiah Hall in Dennis, Massachusetts. They have always taken the utmost care in keeping their severly allergic granddaughter safe. Because we stay there regularly, they serve no peanut or nut products. There are signs throughout the inn that explain this and thank all guests for their understanding and help in keeping their environment nut free (although there is no absolute guarantee that all guests will comply). If you should decide to make a trip there please let my dad and mom know that a member of your family has this allergy. They will make extra strides to ensure your safety and comfort. Check out their website: [url=""][/url]

On Jul 8, 2004

On my way to the Cape Monday. Stayed in Dennis many many times with the family. I love Cape cod. They are always very good about the allergy. take care Claire

On Feb 1, 2005

That's great news about your parents Inn - just to clarify - they able to make a safe peanut/nut free breakfast for an allergic guest?

Also, we vacation on the cape every summer (mashpee) and rent a house so we can cook for our allergic daughter, we never eat out because we don't know any safe resturants. I'd love to know if you have any recommendations for safe resturants based on your experiences? thanks.

On Feb 1, 2005

Hi Brenda, Thanks for inquiring. My parents serve nothing with peanuts or nuts, and have no nuts or peanuts anywhere in their kitchen. When they are serving my daughter or any other person with this allergy, they use Vermont nut free products for baking. If, for example, no one is at the inn with the allergy, they might serve chocolate chip cookies with nestle toll house chips instead of the Vermont nut free kind which are more expensive. But they take the utmost care and are exceptionally careful. And like I mentioned before, they notify all guests with signs throughout the inn requesting no one bring nut products into the inn. Everyone has been very understanding and there has never been an issue. My daughter stays and eats there regularly and they know the extremes that must be taken when dealing with this allergy. As far as restaurants go, I'll have to think about it. I know we go to Seafood Sam's which does not cook with peanut oil and has no nut products to offer. I will think of others and write again when I do. If you have further questions please call my dad at 508-385-9928. His name is Jerry and he'll be happy to answer all your questions. Thanks, Wendy

On Feb 8, 2005

I was just wondering...I noticed on the website that guests over age 7 are welcome. Is that set in stone? I totally understand why guests under age 7 could be a problem in such a beautiful bed and breakfast, but I figured that it couldn't hurt to ask. We used to vacation on the Cape every year until my son was diagnosed with PA. We usually stayed in the summer home of a family member, but now we can't because there are many cousins running around with pb&J sandwiches, unsafe candies, etc.

On Feb 10, 2005

Hi, No that is not the policy any longer...that was the former owner's policy. They have welcomed children of all ages. They only ask that you and your kids be mindful of the other guests. They have had nothing but pleasant experiences with children staying there thus far. Thanks for your interest. Give them a call!