is Wellshire Farms still considered safe?


I am going to whole foods today and was go ing to try some ham and turkey products do you still feel these are safe My son is pa,tna, and shellfish allergic thanks, Kathy Ann

On Aug 29, 2007

Kathy Ann,

I had a post (sorry I just haven't figured out how to link yet) under "Ham" and this manufacturer was suggested. You might want to contact them yourself to determine if they are safe for your comfort zone. If I remember correctly the product I was inquiring about did not contain peanut or tree nut ingredients, but they were manufactured in a plant that had them. It took me a few back and forth emails to clarify this point. Things could have changed, but my recommendation is to call them and make your own determination.

On Aug 31, 2007

Applegate farms is very good with allergy statements.

On Aug 31, 2007

We use Hillshire Farms or Oscar Meyer for deli meat.

On Sep 1, 2007

A few years ago I remember reading a few times that Hillshire Farms does use peanut oil in some of their lunchmeats. Maybe it has changed by now.

On Sep 1, 2007

When I called last year they told me no nuts at the plant. Has someone heard differently? The roast beef is one of his favorite foods!