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Is it legal for the school principal to also be the section 504 coordinator? This is the case at my sons' school, and the principal has been less than understanding about making accomodations for the food allergic kids at the school. She equates life-threatening food allergies with diabetes, and not being able to eat a food with choosing not to eat it.

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On Oct 13, 2004

Yes you can cry now I am here,use my shoulder.

What can we do to help you? Have you researched the net on your state?

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On Oct 13, 2004

Although I'm Canadian and 504 do not apply to me, the information Renee has put together is outstanding. You could check out her information which I found a few opages back in this section. It has great 504 information.


It states the following:


By law, each school district is required to designate a Section 504 Coordinator. Many school districts have an administrator with the title Director of Pupil Personnel. The director is often both the Special Education Coordinator / Supervisor and the Section 504 Coordinator. The 504 Coordinator for the school district is the first person parents should make contact with on the telephone and more importantly in writing well in advance of enrolling the child in public school. His or her office is usually located in Central Office. Central Office or Board of Education Office is the physical location of the upper level administrators, including the Superintendent of Schools and Director of Pupil Personnel.


Should parents disagree with the identification, evaluation or placement of the child, public school districts are required under Section 504 to employ the services of an impartial hearing officer. School districts usually hire hearing officers on a case-by-case basis. Parents should understand the ramifications fully of the outcomes of an impartial hearing, and prepare carefully before embarking on the process.

(Martin, Reed.

On Oct 13, 2004


Yes, that is quite common; it is the case at our school as well. Since we're nearby, perhaps you can use some of what was written last year about our experience to your advantage in your dealings with your school...

On Oct 13, 2004

Katiee, that was so sweet of you to help out with such great information. [img][/img]

Our principal is the 504 coordinator as well. Fortunately it has worked out fine. The district nurse has been a HUGE help. I think we have been very fortunate!

Good luck to you, solarflare, your principal sounds horrendous.

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On Oct 13, 2004

Yes, the principal can be the 504 coordinator for the building.

Some school districts also have an administrative 504 coordinator i.e. the superintendent...special education director that is "above" the principal.

Call your district office and complain.