Is this an allergic reaction?


My daughter is almost 18 months.

I'm concerned because she's had pb 4 times. The 1st 2 times she had no reaction. The 3rd time she got some on her face and I didn't wipe it off immediately - she got a few hives and they went away in less than an hour. The 4th and last time she had a pb cookie. Of course she got crumbs all over her face and we didn't wipe them off immediately again. She broke out in a few hives around her mouth. They went away after 10 minutes.

I have given her honey nut cheerios - which contain almonds and she has had no reaction at all. Also she's had many other foods which I know may have been in contact with nuts and she hasn't had a reaction.

Am I just in denial? I will ask her dr. at the end of the month when she goes.

On May 8, 2003

It sounds like a reaction to me. I would definitely avoid nuts until you can have her tested and find out for sure.

Good Luck

On May 8, 2003

It also sounds like a reaction to me, as well. Peanuts are not nuts, they are legumes. However, many PA people are also allergic to tree nuts, but some are not. They can be two totally separate things.

My daughter has only reacted to peanuts (and peanut containing products, like Banana Boat Baby Boat Sunscreen) with hives. However, she tested 4++ allergic to peanuts! Continued exposure could and probably will lead to worse reactions, so we avoid all peanut products.

Definitely get tested. Good luck and keep safe! ~Melanie

On May 8, 2003

Another thing to think about...when my ds has food on his face for a while (no matter what it is) he breaks out in tiny hives (it could even be eczema) because his skin is super sensitive. Just food for thought. Good luck.