is this a reaction?


My son is 6 months old, and we do expect him to have allergies. He has excema on his scalp,and controled on his legs. His ear wax is just unbelivable. Here is my question for all. His face 99% of the time has red non raised spots on it? When he eats solids(so far oatmeal, pairs) his chin and part of his cheek turns BRIGHT red almost looks like a burn.Thankfully it doesn't seem to bother him. Did any one have problems like this?

On Dec 16, 2005

hi... well, its a possibility... I'd definately discuss it with his doctor...and if his rash fades before you can get him to seen, take a photo with can get it developed fast at a one hour photo place. I had to do this with my son when he was a baby...he turned out to be allergic to my cats...(who had to go live with my mother in law.)