Is there a list of Halloween-safe candy?


This will be my first "real" Halloween with my 2.5 year old PA son and his twin sister (non-PA). I was wondering if you all know what candies are "safe" for those with peanut allergies. I assume lollipops, licorice, skittles....but what other candies/treats do you all pass out on Halloween??? I'm thinking of giving my neighbors a few safe candies ahead of time and then when we show up, they can give those to my son/daughter. That way I can avoid the switching at home. Right now, they're too young to understand why I'd be switching things and i don't want to get them upset.

Thanks for any info!!

On Sep 17, 2003

It looks like you are new here, byt the number of posts. Welcome!

If you go to the manufacturer's topic board, and look down, I think Halloween threads have been discussed recently and are on the first page. Also here in the main board. You can also do a search, and type in Halloween and can peruse lots of topics about it.

That said there are different ways to handle it. At 2, my dd was totally fine with me switching for safe candy. She has always known about her allergy and was happy to have something safe. What I did last year, and will do for awhile, is tha candy witch. Have her leave her unsafe loot for the candy witch(on a TV tray by the front door) and then she finds a few gifts there the next day(or books or video or whatever). Sort of like the tooth fairy. Other moms have just kept a bag ready at home and switched right away, and others do what you might do, give safe stuff to the homes you will visit. We have too large a neighborhood to do that. My dd has to get every house already(at 3 last year)! becca

On Sep 17, 2003

Welcome! I have always given out stickers, pencils, rings, tatoos and things like that with a Halloween theme. All the kids in the neighborhood know I give these out and can't wait to get them. I usually have them in an individual treat bag taped together so they don't know what they are getting until they get home. For example, at Target, I think, I got stickers last year for $2.00. They came in a pack of twenty and had 9 stickers per sheet. Then I didn't have to worry about candy or my ds touching the bags. It has worked out great for me.

When he went out for Halloween last year, I only let him keep the suckers and got rid of the rest of the candy. He was fine with just suckers. I didn't let him see inside his Halloween bag so he didn't know he got any other candy.


On Sep 17, 2003

Last year my sister handed out mini bags of microwave popcorn, packaged for Halloween. I thought that was a great solution--still a food treat, but safe for my DD. We've also handed out lollipops and mini Peppermint Patties.

For my DD, we go trick-or-treating and when we get home, I go through her bag and sort out the safe things that she can eat. She's perfectly happy to give up the non-safe things, even just mildly questionable things. She's old enough, even at age four, to know that it's not worth having an allergic reaction!