Is sunflower oil Ok?


Hi Im new to this so please excuse my confusion. My 16mth old was just diagnosed with pa and poss nut allergy. Is sunflower oil ok to eat and just not sunflower seeds? What about any choc products at all out there? Anything with Emulsifiers is not ok or are they? I'm totally terrified and confused. Still breastfeeding and scared to eat myself. Thank you for any advice

On Nov 6, 2006

Sunflower oil is refined and probably safe. You could call the company to find out if they process peanut or nut oils on the same equipment if you want to be extra safe. We use canola and olive oil here.

Unless your child is also allergic to sunflower seeds, the issue with sunflower seeds is that many of them are processed on equipment with nuts and/or peanuts. The sunflower seeds themselves are not considered nuts and there are some companies that make nut/peanut free sunflower seeds. Also, Sunbutter is nut/peanut free and makes an excellent substitute for peanut butter.

There are safe chocolate products. I use Guittard semi-sweet chocolate chips and Enjoy Life semi-sweet chocolate chips. There is also Vermont Nut Free chocolates online and Amanda's Own Confections online. There are probably others. Plain Hershey's Kisses are ok, I think, but as always, read the label.

Emulsifiers are fats probably derived from soy. I believe that with the new labeling law, if emulsifiers are derived from peanuts or nuts there would be a "Contains peanut or nut ingredients" statement after the ingredient list. You can always call the manufacturer to check.

I hope this helps you!


------------------ Mom to 7 yr old PA/TNA daughter and 3 1/2 yr old son who is allergic to eggs.

On Nov 8, 2006

My son is allergic to sesame/poppy and sunflower seeds he cannot have sunflower oil. If your child is not allergic to seeds it should be o.k.