Is McDonald\'s safe?


Forgive me if this is a question that has been covered already. I'm still learning my way around the boards... Once again, just when I feel like I'm getting a good handle on things a new situation arises that throws me into a tailspin. Friends of ours invited myself and my kids out to lunch after a playdate this week and suggested McDonald's. I've been fortunate so far that most people are accomadating and said if someplace else is better then o.k. I figure it's going to become an issue at some point so I might as well find out now. I checked their website and called the 800 number. I was told there are peanuts in the mcflurries, cookies and peanut oil in the teriyaki sauce on something called a cheddarmelt. My daughter was tested for pn oil and was neg. but I still avoid it anyway. I was wondering if anyone does take their kids there and if so what do you let them eat? Would fries and a cheeseburger be safe or the chicken nuggets? I don't always feel like I can trust these people when I call. At the same time, it's just not worth watching her like a hawk for the next 8 hrs.with a pit in my stomach afraid of a reaction all over a stupid happy meal!

On Mar 13, 2003


Would you mind telling us if you are looking for Canadian or American info? Here in Canada I find McDonald's completely safe and just re-checked their menu to be sure of that. Of course, I am assuming you are only dealing with PA.

I looked up the Cheddar Melt on their website. It does list peanut oil in the ingredients (and it has a rye bun, which would be bad for me) BUT it is only available in certain locations. Can you check if they serve it at the McDonald's where you will be meeting?

McFlurry's in Canada are safe but not in the USA because of the butterfingers, I believe.

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On Mar 13, 2003

Caroline's Mom, welcome! [img][/img]

I'm the same as DebO., in Canada. I did check your profile (as I'm sure DebO., probably did as well) and I can't tell where you're from (which is okay).

If it's Canadian McDonald's, my answer would be exactly the same as Deb.O's. We have had no problems there whatsoever.

Best wishes! [img][/img]


On Mar 13, 2003

I agree with DebO and Cindy,

Canadian McDonalds are fine. The only item I remember hearing about was that the muffins were "may contain nuts" but n ot sure if this is still true. The McFlurry is made with nut-free chocolate bars (ie: Coffee Crisp, Smarties, etc).

But in the USA, it may not be as safe, as I know they use Butterfinger (peanut chocolate bar)in the McFlurrys and they may have loose nuts to sprinkle on the sundaes (in Canada the nuts are in sealed bags).

Maybe some Americans on this site can post their experiences (assuming you are in the USA). [img][/img]

On Mar 14, 2003

I'm in the U.S., we have taken our 2 1/2 year old PA duaghter to McDonalds on several occasions. I stick with a cheese burger and french fries. There are only certain locations I will go to because some (in our area) always look unclean and there are even nuts scattered over the counter from the ice cream. SO- I always have a look around before ordering and I order milk or o.j. for her as they are sealed, since the soda always sits near the ice cream mess...not to mention she probably just doesn't need the sugar! HA! Hope that helps....

On Mar 14, 2003

Carolyn's Mom:

I have two PA children and McDonald's (USA) is one of the ONLY fast food restaurants we ever go to. All three of the McD's within our area are very, very PA aware. The one closest to us is amazing. They serve no foods with peanuts, with the exception of the Butterfinger McFlurry, which is kept in a separate area and is always clean. If someone wants peanut topping on their sundae, they are given a sealed packet of peanuts.

I generally never eat AT the McDonald's itself, so if other kids ate sundae's with the peanuts on them and played on equipment there, my children aren't exposed. Since my daughter reacts if she is touched with anything peanut oil/butter/etc., I tend to avoid public playgrounds.

But, I can vouch that the McD's we have in the US, just like Canada, are as close to safe as you'll come with fast food. Burger King and Chick-Filet are absolute no-no's!


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On Mar 14, 2003

I'm in the US and we've (unfortunately) been to lots of McDonald's Playlands. We've never had a problem. The McFlurry has nut ingredients, but it's a pretty big dessert, not something people usually buy for little kids.

When my son was small we always reminded him, before he went in the tubes, to come and tell us if he saw any food in the tubes and we'd have someone clean it.

My son loves McDonald's. If we are going to a Chinese restaurant we usually stop and pick up a Happy Meal for him and he eats that at the restaurant, because I know it's safe. McDonald's has an excellent website and you can check all the ingredients and nutritional info there. Because of the info I found on there, I lost my appetite for most McD's food (the fat and calories are horrifying!) but I do appreciate chain restaurants for the standardized menus--it's a great help when we're travelling.

On Mar 14, 2003

We have a pa daughter and we take her to McDonald's all the time. It is completely safe here in Canada.

On Mar 15, 2003

I've been severly allergic my entire 25 years, and never had a problem with basic foods at any fast food restaurant. I learned early on to avoid any of the "Blizzard" or "McFlurry" type offerings, anything made with a blender or mixer (they don't clean very well between orders). I'd say have fun!!!