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Is Kiwi fruit part of the nut family???

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About a month ago someone told my mother that Kiwi fruit is part of the nut family and everyone I have talked to does not have a clue. Can anyone out there help me?? How about Coconut? Is it something I should stay clear of too???

On Jul 10, 2001

Here is our findings about this subject with Christopher. He has had kiwi before and enjoyed it with no reaction. As far as coconut my doctor said to stay totally away from it and he is probably not allergic to it but the word nut is to scarry. He actually said that if it were his son he would try it being that he was a doctor,but would not recommend it. I do know that christopher has had coconut oil on accident and been perfectly fine. I am not in any way telling you that it will not effect you. I am just telling you that our doctor feels it is different than some nuts. Talk to an allergist and see what they tell you to do. It is a tricky one,because what is good for one is not always good for the other. Chris just may be the one it does not effect. take care claire

On Jul 10, 2001

Kiwi fruit is part of the Actinidiaceace Family and coconut is part of the Palm Family. According to the resources I have reviewed, coconut is not a concern for PA.

See link: [url=""][/url]

By Mira Bedi on Jul 31, 2011

my son has severe peanut, tree nuts, chickpeas, and kiwi allergy. i was informed that the allergin in kiwi is the same as a peanut. i am not sure how they are related, but i know his reaction was so bad that even the dr in the er was shocked. my suggestion would be to have your son tested to kiwi before he ate it.

On Jul 10, 2001

Thanks Jamieb....That helps me out a lot. There are so many different things I have to look for now. We just found out about 10months ago that he is PA and it is at times overwhelming what I have to watch out for now. I am actually lucky compared to other letters I have read on this site. My son's reaction is very mild (hives). Thanks again for the info.

On Jul 12, 2001

Check the thread on cross reaction about kiwi. Kiwi and mango were potential cross reactives with latex.

On Jul 12, 2001

My 6 year old son is allergic to peanuts, tree nuts (all of them), kiwi and banana and next week we are testing for latex because that allergy is linked to kiwi and banana. He only recently became allergic to kiwi and banana but has had the other allergies since birth. His immunologist reports that there is no link between the peanut/nut allergies and the fruit allergies; it is just bad luck that they developed.

We do allow coconut and seeds like sesame etc. after having him tested specifically for coconut and each seed type. We make this choice because we do not want to further restrict his choices of foods. He knows that coconut is a fruit and can explain that to friends and adults if he needs to. I also think that it is unfair to limit his classmates lunch choices when he is not allergic to coconut--we are already asking them to make changes and for legitimate reasons, I am comfortable doing that but because it has the word nut in it--that seems unnecessary to me. Just my humble opinion.