Is it true that peanut needs to be reintroduced if someone becomes nonallergic?


My 2 1/2 year old daughter had a negative caprast for peanut last month. She is scheduled for the skin prick test on January 21. Can anyone point me in the direction of some research about needing to make peanuts a regular part of someone's diet if they become nonallergic? Is this a known fact that peanut needs to be in the diet or is it just a "maybe"? Her only reaction to peanuts was just over a year ago (facial rash, small hives, slight swelling of the eyes- but I think the swelling was because she rubbed it into her eyes). She then tested as a Case 1 on the caprast (last year). We have had no reactions since. Our allergist's plan is if the skin prick test is also negative to do a food challenge but I think I will opt for doing another caprast first.


On Jan 13, 2005

This must be the article you're looking for: [url=""][/url]

Congratulations on the negative result!


On Jan 14, 2005

My fingers are crossed for you! My daughter is having her blood tests again in March and her allergist said that if any test comes out negative, he sends it to a second lab that tests for lower levels under .34. I'm not sure which lab that is but if your doctor is not familiar with the lab, I will find out from our doctor for you.

Here is another article someone posted recently. Best of luck!!!


On Jan 14, 2005

Thanks for the articles! I'm not sure if my daughter's allergist knows about the lab that tests for the lower levels or not. He did have order the lab to run a caprast instead of a rast saying that the caprast was more reliable. If her skin test is negative we will more than likely do another caprast before the food challenge. I wish there was scientific proof one way or the other about whether or not peanuts should be reintroduced to prevent the allergy from reoccurring. It sounds like at this point it is more theory than fact. Sigh...

Thanks again for the articles. I will copy them for our doctor.

On Jan 14, 2005

Good luck I hope your daughter's tetst goes well.

On Jan 14, 2005

If everyone should avoid peanuts until age 3 these days, would it be best to wait a bit, though? Just a sugeestion to discuss it with the allergist. Maybe just a few more months until she is over 3? Our allergist is not even retesting dd until age 5, saying he would not have her eat nuts(if it were outgrown) before then, with her history of having the allergy.

And we have been advised to not even introduce nuts or shellfish to ds(now 12 months) until he is 5, since he is at risk due to family history.

I am not expert in this, just what I was told and thought I would bring it up. A bit different issue than eating if if it is truly outgrown.

I worry about this because dd actually ate peanut butter for a month or two before reacting. How would I know if she were not just following the same course? She could very well pass a challenge and react a month down the road, based on her history. It scares me to think about, should she be fortunate to outgrow it. I would still want epis! becca

On Jan 19, 2005

Thanks, Becca, for your reply. That is a good idea to wait until she is 3 for the food challenge (if the skin test is negative, of course!) Even if she does outgrow it we also plan to carry Epi's for as long as we are able to still get a prescription for them.

On Jan 21, 2005

Well, Audrey's spt came back as a 4+ (out of 4). Sigh...back to life as normal (for a PA family anyway!) I am thankful to have supportive friends and family, though!