Is dry coughing considered a reaction?


My 3 year old PA daughter has spent the last two nights with a dry cough. Nothing during the day, but she has "That Cough" at night. No other symptoms of a reaction, no cold, etc., just "that cough". I was wondering if maybe she is getting some low level exposure from somewhere. The cough starts about 2-3 hours after she is put into bed and is almost constant. Anyone had experience with that type of reaction? I am really wondering as I read that hives are not always present with a reaction. I now have a call into her pediatric allergy doctor to get some input from him. What do you think? Am I being paranoid?

On Mar 14, 2002

Coughing can be a sign of a reaction. It can also be a sign of asthma, especially a dry cough. My daughter has Cough Varaint Asthma. They sympton is the dry cough. Not all asthma has wheezing. My daughter wheezes, but it's very faint. If your daughter has a persistant dry cough(especially at night) I would take her to the doctor and have her checked for asthma. It's very common for a child with food allergies to develop asthma between 3 and 4 years of age.

On Mar 14, 2002

My son's first sign of a P/TN reaction is usually "that cough", but it sounds to me like what might be going on is a dust mite allergy.

My son had the same kind of night cough for a good while, went to the allergist for some other reason, and he was tested for some environmentals. Turns out he's pretty allergic to dust mites. Since finding that out, the night coughing only returns when I haven't washed his sheets frequently enough. As long as I stay on top of laundering his sheets, he's OK.

We were (allergist included) fairly sure our son was heading down the road to asthma, but he hasn't at all. Not saying he won't at some time - he's 5. At the time of the coughing, he was 2.

HTH! Tammy

On Mar 14, 2002

I am still waiting for her Pediatric Allergist to call me back. I will ask him about the possibility of developing cough variant asthma. I checked the internet on this topic and sounds like it may be a possibility based on the descriptions.

I don't think it is dust mites, as she was already tested for all the environmental allergies before the peanut diagnosis. But, I will wash all her bedding tonight before she goes to bed just in case.

I was also reading about the J&J shampoo cross contamination issue. I just washed her hair in the J&J shampoo Tuesday night (the first night she started the coughing). I will rinse her hair too tonight to be safe. Although, I've used the J&J shampoo since she was born - maybe she is becoming more sensative. Speaking of safe, any recomendations on Safe Shampoos, since it appears that J&J is out????

Thanks for all your input! I am extremely appreciative of the help.

On Mar 14, 2002

I kind of agree with LAM, could still be dustmites. Kids don't usually develop dustmite allergy until they are out of a crib. So, if she was in a crib when she was first tested,(I wasn't sure of the timeframe)it might stand to reason. I'm not trying to diagnose her. I'm quite familiar with asthma too, and it can present with only coughing. My family is more the wheezy type though. keep us updated! Good luck!

On Mar 14, 2002

We're dealing with the same kind of dry cough. There have been so makny kids in my son's class with various viruses, that it's possible he's coming down with something. Also consider the possibility of post-nasal drip - which would worsen at night as they are in horizontal position. My son, too, was tested negative for dust mites, etc., but when this cough started he had these "allergic eyes" - slightly reddenedd and dark circles, which he doesn't normally have. It's so hard to figure out what is allergy versus some virus, especially at this time of year.


On Mar 15, 2002

I know I raised the possibility of asthma. You daughter may have it. But asthma needs a trigger. An asthma 'episode' is brought around either by allergies or sickness(bronchitis). So your daughter may still be having an allergic reaction which is causing the an asthma 'episode'. (I hate using the term asthma 'attack'). Also, if you take your daughter to the ped., and they hear wheezing and give her asthma medicine, it still doesn't mean she has asthma. It takes a few of these episodes to get an official diagnosis of asthma.

On Mar 15, 2002

My son has this exact symptom--dry cough during the night. He has cough variant asthma. It's very mild--a puff of albuterol takes care of it every time.

On Mar 15, 2002


My daughter becomes abslolutely psychotic when she does albuterol. We started using xopenex. xopenex is a rescue medicine like albuterol but without the nervousness side affect. The only drawback is that it only comes in nubulizer form.