I just found out last week Jacob is PA. He had a sample of a frozen PB&J sandwich at the grocery store. By the time I got to the check out he was red from his nose to his chin and from ear to ear.

When the results of his RAST test came back, my pediatrican said he is highly allergic to peanuts-don't even let him smell it. I'm scared....the cashier at the grocery store told me that recently had a child at that store go to the ER due to an exposure in the grocery store. What about trips to the park & play structures at McD's or pizza play area's. How do I know if it's ok to touch it but not eat it.

I asked my ped. if we needed to see an allergist. She said it wasn't necessary since we already know he is PA-with a slight egg white allergy also (the Ped. said ok to eat products with eggs just not straight eggs). Should I consult an allergist anyway? Should I avoid eggs all together.

Somewhere I read a post that allergies are more common when other family members have allergies. My husband, my 3 yr old daughter and I do not have any allergies. The only blood related allergy is Jacob's uncle (shrimp). Where did this come from if there is only one family member with food allergies.

I've already joined FAAN. I have EpiPens & benedryl too.

I'm glad I found this site. Denise

On Feb 12, 2002

Welcome, Denise!

Here's my two cents worth, having been on this merry-go-round for a few years now. (but as always, it's probably worth a bit less than you're paying for it [img][/img] ) I would press your family physician to see an allergist so that you can build a relationship with one in case you need it down the road. You may need to have tests done so that you have numerical data to refer schools, etc. to later. Your family physician is also less likely than an allergy specialist to be very current on immunological topics. Finding a tactful way to put this to a favored general practitioner is far from easy, however. By the way- nobody in your family needs to have any allergies at all for your child to be PA. BUT... the odds go way up for the development of allergies in general when either parent has any allergies (not just food allergies, though). Again- welcome! [img][/img] Shannon

On Feb 12, 2002

Thanks Shannon

Our insurance doesn't require a referral so I can go to whomever we choose without the pediatrican's ok.

Do those of you who have been at this awhile allow your PA children (especially if severe) to play at playgrounds etc?

On Feb 18, 2002

Denise -

My 4-yr. old, Drew, is PA and also has the slight egg allergy. People think I am crazy when I say something about the egg allergy because he can have cakes, cookies, etc. but not straight egg. (I was beginning to think I was whacko myself.)

His ped. doesn't think a RAST test is necessary because "we already know" about his allergies. Doesn't the RAST test tell you more than just what he is allergic to? Doesn't it indicate the severity of the allergy?

Thanks for any info.

On Feb 18, 2002

My son is 3yo. He is anaphylactic to peanuts, and contact-sensitive at least. Not sure about airborne-sensitive. His last known *peanut* reaction (he has other allergies as well) was from merely holding a bite of a pb+j sandwhich (ie. he touched the bread, not the pb) for about 10 seconds. He was 10mo. His hands and face started to swell. His eyes became red, puffy, and watery. And his nose started running and he started sneezing. All within about a min. At the time we knew nothing about PA and I just rushed him to the faucet, washed his hands and dosed him w/ antihistamines. He was fine thank God, but if he were to ever react like that again, he'd most likely get the Epi.

Anyway. I do let Matt play on playground equipment and sit on bleachers at the soccer field and so forth. The McDonalds playland is not something we ever have to deal with because we just don't go to McDonalds, period. I've seen their food preparation area. *shudder* Besides it being just plain disgusting, there's nuts all over everywhere. No thanks. We don't risk it. However, I do let him pick up rocks off the ground at the Trade Days 'thing' we go to occasionally, even though the ground is often littered w/ peanut shells. Before anyone starts panicking (lol), let me say that I only let him pick up rocks IF there are no peanut shells in the immediate vicinity. Also, (of course), I always have our rescue meds very handy...just in case.

It's tough when you first start out, trying to figure out what will be ok and what won't be, but in time, you will find your own comfort zone and from there things get much easier. When I first learned about PA, I hesitated on the playground equipment at our local park, too, but then I thought...he's been playing on this SAME equipment for the last 2yrs and hasn't had a problem yet, so why am I freakin out? lol I always (and when I mean always, I mean *always* matter where we are) watch him closely for signs of a reaction and I have moved to another area of the park a couple of times because I saw something suspicious looking, but I let him play. =)

For me it's an individual, situation by situation, location by location decision. Which explains why the McDonald's playland (where I've seen loose chopped peanuts scattered on the floor on a number of occasions, and have *yet* to see anyone cleaning the play area...ever) is out, but the local park is in. Also why Trade Days is ok, but the circus is not. The difference there is Trade Days is outdoors, and peanuts are sold roasted from ONE stand, whereas the circus is enclosed and peanuts are just EVERYWHERE.

When it comes to ingestion, though, things are of course different. He eats *nothing* from places such as Braums or Dairy Queen, and *nothing* from bakeries or donut shops either. No exceptions. I bake all his cakes and cookies, and make a good portion of his candies and chocolate too. We rarely eat out, but when we do, I always ask the manager questions. Also, we *never* let him eat anything w/ peanut oil in it or anything that has been cooked in peanut oil. Yes, supposedly peanut oil processed in a certain way is safe, but I'm just not up for risking it.

On Feb 20, 2002

We're newly diagnosed too. The first week was so rough- I was afraid of everything. Then I too realized that I had taken her to all these places before with no problem, so she should be okay. Sunday was the first time I left her with someone- she stayed in the nursery at church for 1 1/2 hours. It's terrible, but there's another peanut allergic child there ,and I am sooo happy about that. There were signs everywhere and all the food is labelled and free of peanuts. I spoke with the mom watching the kids and she understood the situation. I'm glad I got over that hump. I felt very comfortable leaving her there. We also went back to her playground- I watched any kids who were eating, and watched the ground for any suprises. When we go shopping I bring a wipe to clean off the grocery carts now. We went to 2 restaurants and spoke with the managers who were very informed, so I am feeling alot less nervous and I don't have peanuts on my mind 24/7 like that first week. I carry the epi-pen jr always and I will always read labels and avoid foods from others. We are waiting for the RAST results which are due next week. I'm thrilled that this board is available to us. Thanks! Patty

On Feb 28, 2002

Drew's Mom:

Sorry it took so long to respond back to you. I haven't had a chance to check this lately.

Since I'm still new at this also I don't know what to tell you about the RAST test, maybe ask again. Tell them you found this site and you want it done.

I called my dr the day after Jacob's reaction, since the reaction went away I didn't really think about it until the next afternoon. The dr's office mentioned the RAST test right away. It does tell you the severity of the allergy. (He can have eggs in food but not a scrambled egg) vs (Don't even let him smell the peanut butter).

On Mar 5, 2002

Drew's Mom

I found out Jacob's RAST test results for egg white are in the LOW catagory .37 on a scale of 0-7. That is why the dr said ok as an ingredient but not straight egg.

His peanut came back at 4.74.

I hope all is well.

On Mar 25, 2002

HI! I just found out that my 18mo. son has a PA. we found out 4 days ago. SCARRRRY! is not the word. We saw the allergest for the first time today. I asked him about testing and he does not want too test him. He said "we know he has a PA and I would rather not take a chance on his next exposer, it could be a big one" He said he would want to test him in a few years to see if he out grew it. ? for you, what is FAAN? I see it alot but I dont know what it is. I think I would like too know how bad his PA is. but the Dr says he would not have me do anything diff. Well talk soon. nice to meet you all. [img][/img]

------------------ ~*~*~Darlene~*~*~

On May 3, 2002

Food Allergy Anaphelactic (spelling???) Network

On May 12, 2002

Hi Jacob's Mom,

I just wanted to let you know that FAAN's website is [url=""][/url] instead of "com."

I was always making this mistake whenever I went to log on to their website until I finally "bookmarked" it. [img][/img]

Welcome to the Boards!

------------------ Stay Safe.

On Jun 21, 2002

Jacob was in the hospital last thursday for viral induced asthma (so the doctor says). He woke up at 7am wheezing and finally was admitted for observation at 1pm. He's much better now after we found on out on monday he had also developed an ear infection too. While at the hospital they ran more RAST tests and the results are back.

Tree's, grasses, ALL NEGATIVE

Dog's scored over 10 and when his peanut test was done in January it was 4.74. How strange. We have a 6 yr old yellow lab and Jacob has never had a problem around the Maddy before. In anyones experience if he scored that high for dogs shouldn't he have some other symptoms? Or are they just lying dormant for now only to rear their ugly heads a later date.

Thanks Denise

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On Oct 8, 2002

Hi All, here's an update on Jacob:

2nd asthma attack mid August 3rd asthma attack end of Sept, more allergy tests done, wheat +1, cashews +1, hazelnuts +1, 5 molds all -, corn -, other tree nuts-, cats +2, dust mites -, ragweed - 4th asthma attack, 2 wks after 3rd. Coincidently the same day our dog was moved out of our house.

We have our 1st visit with the allergist on thursday and have an asthma & allergy nurse coming to do a home visit/study next week.

I sure hope there aren't anymore allergies we haven't found yet.

On Oct 31, 2002

Hi, I am very new to this website but we've known about my son Zachary's PA allergy for about a year and a half now. I am very curious on how you decided to handle parks and playgrounds. We are about to celebrate Zachary's 3rd birthday at Chuck E Cheese and up untill now we have not done the public playgrounds or parks and are very nervous around them. If you have any advice or suggustions, I'd love to hear them.