Posted on: Wed, 05/17/2000 - 12:37am
anonymous's picture
Joined: 05/28/2009 - 16:42

I'm sorry that I have not introduced myself, but I searched and found this website last week, and now I am reviewing this site everyday.

My name is Jennifer, I am 22 and a doctoral student in audiology at Gallaudet University in Washington DC. PA runs in my family, although my brother and I seem to be the worst, as we react to both tree nuts and ground nuts, fruits, any relation to fruits, dyes, even the smells, and even the oils.
Pesto has been my worse thus far, and I live in fear each time I order something out. I don't know which is worse, the reaction, the anxiety during the reaction, or the reaction to the adreneline!

I appreciate all the support that you all offer to one another, and as I am getting into that stage of life, of marriage and family, it frightens me too about my children.
I am concerned about being pregnant and having a reaction? Could the adreneline harm the fetus, and perhaps induce? Just curious, as one of my siblings is pregnant and cooks everything herself.
Again, you all offer a wonderful support and information network, and I hope to become a part of it. I have learned a lot from these sites, and I hope to share some knowledge as well.

Thanks, and I hope some of you wouldn't mind introducing yourself to me as well!

Posted on: Wed, 05/17/2000 - 12:40am
anonymous's picture
Joined: 05/28/2009 - 16:42

Sorry I forgot to metion a cute story....before I went into audiology, I used to teach first grade Deaf students in Arizona. They were amazing! These were children who had American Sign Language as their first language and English as a second language, and they understood at the age of 6 very clearly the severity of my allergy to peanuts. Every field trip we went on....they would inform everyone......communication and education are imperative for safety, and that applies to any language!

Posted on: Wed, 05/17/2000 - 1:20am
andy's picture
Joined: 04/26/2001 - 09:00

Hi Jennifer. Welcome. I am glad you found us. Andy

Posted on: Wed, 05/17/2000 - 2:24am
morgansmom's picture
Joined: 04/29/2000 - 09:00

Hi Jennifer:
Nice to meet you. I have a 4 1/2 year old who is allergic to milk, soy, peanuts, eggs, rice. Also, penicillin, sulfa, and suprax, and has asthma.
While I was pregnant with my son, I avoided all of the things that my daughter was allergic to, breastfeed him for the first two years of his life, and so far so good, no allergies. He does have asthma. Guess we can't say for sure that's why he doesn't have the allergies but I'm glad that I took the percaution anyways.
Nice to meet you,

Posted on: Wed, 05/17/2000 - 3:10am
anonymous's picture
Joined: 05/28/2009 - 16:42

Hi Jennifer -- Thanks for the short bio. I visit this sight to gain information to help me protect my pa daughter. On a separate note...I have a profoundly deaf sister and I am fluent in American Sign Language. I AM DELIGHTED to learn that an audiologist student is fluent in American Sign Language and has been exposed to the "deaf culture" (you can't miss the culture, being at Gallaudet!!!). Anyway, welcome.

Posted on: Wed, 05/17/2000 - 7:59am
Anonymous's picture
Anonymous (not verified)

Hi Jennifer,
I grew up with deaf parents so I was really excited reading about your occupation and your past. I am very new to this and have enjoyed reading your input and advice.

Posted on: Wed, 05/17/2000 - 9:16am
PattyR's picture
Joined: 04/12/2002 - 09:00

Small world! I (until recently) have been in the field of hearing loss as a teacher then interpreter, job coach and parent educator. It is a great field to work in and I miss it very much!

Posted on: Thu, 05/18/2000 - 3:00am
rebecca or Jeramie Dewain's picture
Joined: 04/03/2000 - 09:00

Hi Jennifer Glad to hear you found this site. My 20 month old son is Peanut allergic. I stay away from all tree nuts for now. It is been a very big learning experience for us. Even though I have no food allergies myself I do have asthma. I ate peanut butter with both preganacy my first is 4 I nursed her for one month and she has no food allergy. My son the 20 month old I am still nursing. We discovered his allergie at 9 months and I ate tons of peanut butter. If I was to have another I was told my my sons allergist I would have to be put on a special diet. Has your sister been informed of this . Good Luck

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