Hello! I am a frequent reader but want to get more involved in posting! My daughter, Ari, is PA,TN and egg. She is 6 yrs old and was born with a long list of other allergies, most of which she has outgrown. I have found that I my life revolves around making arrangments, plans, dealing with school personnel, regarding Ari's allergies. I am often stressed and just as often confident that we CAN manage this, and just as often I wish things were different. Before Ari was born I was an antitrust attorney but have been unable to return to full time work for several reasons (like taking care of Ari's needs until she was 5..she also had severe Reflux and refused to eat food until she was almost 4 years old!). So, I llok forward to getting to know all of you and sharing our issues, game-plans and knowledge! Sincerely, SusieT-R

On Oct 27, 2003

welcome Susie T R,

It can be challenging dealing with multiply food allergic. It does become somewhat routine for awhile and then something happens that upsets the comfort zones for awhile then it settles back down again. Hopefully there is a chance she'll outgrow the egg allergy.

For years we hoped this would be so for DS (13 yrs old) but I guess not. Hopefully she can enjoy doing activites and feel included at school as much as possible. My DS and I just got back from a two day one night field trip. There was lots of planning for the event and school bought safe snacks so he would not feeel different. the hotel and I planed modified safe meal for a diner and breakfast which was served at same time other kids at his table went to "cafeteria line". I packed back up snacks and extra packed lunch for the one choose your own dinning place lunch. We had a good time.

He still is not ready to go over night without a parent but doesn't want us to bbe around too much either.

Take Care,


On Oct 28, 2003

Blair, Thanks for saying "Hi!" We had hoped AR would have outgrown the egg by now, and the truth is that to an extent she has...she is no longer anaphylactic; however, she has protein induced colitis which takes about three days to set in once the protein builds up in her system, so eggs are still out for us! I am always wondering what it will be like when she reaches her teens, so it was great to meet a mother who has a teen! We have only let AR sleep at her grandparents house..and I worry about future issues such as slumber parties, sleep-over camp etc. How do you deal with weddings or other large social engagements?