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Posted on: Fri, 07/26/2002 - 11:04am
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pHello, I am a mother of two children. Dawson who will be 4 in November and Dallas who is 14 months. We first found out Dawson was allergic to peanuts at a year old. I went to give him a taste of peanut butter, he turned his head and I touched his cheek with it. Immediately welts appeared wherever the peanut butter touched. So we knew to keep him away from peanut butter. We did not know anymore than that, the doctor never even recommened we see an allergist. He still ate MM's, and other things that said may contain peanuts. We did not know to read ingredients, I can't believe that we were so blind to this horrible, non curable thing that exist in our world. So many children we did not know about having to deal with this. It really makes me sad. When people think of an allergic reaction generally they think, runny nose, sneezing, eyes watering. In Dawson case, he could die. We found out the hard way this past Feb. when at a party Dawson ate a chocolate covered peanut. We had changed Dr.'s from when he was a year old, and this dr. is an allergist who when was told of Dawson incident at a year old , precribed an Epi Pen for him. So luckily we had one with us, but still so unprepared for this. His mouth began to tingle and his throat felt funny. My husband tried rinsing his mouth out with water, I'm not sure why. We immediately ran to the emergency room. On the way there he complained that his chest hurt. When we arrived they gave him steroids and Benadryl. His skin looked alittle red but I sat next to his bed for 45 minutes reading him a book. He began to look very sleepy, but in a funny way, in my heart I felt something was wrong. He began throwing up, and his blood pressure dropped signifigantly. They gave him Epi pen injection, steriods and Benadryl again, he began coughing with a croupy cough,dots all over, everyone was surrounding him to get him stable, it took another 45 min to do that. he dropped twice more during the night, no signals, just blood pressure bottoming out. It was the worst night of my entire life. He spent the night in Ped. /
I was told that the epi pen is not a guaranty and that he could still die even after giving him the /
Then there is Dallas, her story is short. When she touches egg, she'll get a rash wherever she touches. She ingested egg twice. both stupid accidents. One was the babysitter did not realize there was egg in stuffed shells and let her have it. She gets funny in her eyes, coughing then vomit and lots of drool. Then her mouth swells. and blister from head to toe. She also needs the epi pen. Her second reaction was a donut her brother left on the floor, that we should have been paying attention to. This was much quicker than the first time and more severe. have to tend to children . I really loved reding all the articles. thanks,br /
by the way, Ritas in pa by me said they could not guaranty the ice would be free of peanuts./p

Posted on: Sat, 07/27/2002 - 12:37am
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Hi. Welcome. I am also fairly new to this board but not that new to the peanut allergy. I am sorry both of your children have had such bad reactions in the past. I would like to say however that if the epi-pen is correctly given immediately after ingestion of the nut and then the child/adult is taken to the hospital for further attention the child will most certainly be fine. I think your statement about "it not being a guarantee" will frighten people. We should always carry at least two epi-pens on our person at all time and not hesitate to give it to our children. It will not hurt them. Even if the reaction seems small it can escalate very fast as illustrated by your experience with Dawson. I think your story will prove very helpful to others on this board. Again, welcome and thanks also for the information on Rita's Ice.

Posted on: Sat, 07/27/2002 - 3:21am
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Welcome. It's nice to know there are more PA (that is, Pennsylvania) people here with PA kids. I know there are lots out there, and I've been lucky to find two in my area by sheer coincidence, only my one friend just moved to another state.

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