Hi folks, I am 32 and have been severly allergic to peanuts all my life. Meaning anaphlactic (spelling?) shock in minutes. When I was younger I wondered If I was the only person with this allergy in the world. It was difficult. People always tried to give me candy and even at a young age I knew It was a matter of life and death. I was always on guard. Luckily when I got to be about 15 or so my doctor finally agreed to let me cary a shot kit. It was about time. Those trips to the emergency room were brutal. Anyway enough about me. I was really glad to come across this site. I discover that lots of people have this allergy and live the same pain in the but battle I do. I hate baseball games and airplanes.

On Dec 31, 2001

My son is 13 and PA - do you have any tips from having "been there" to pass along to a teenager? I'm sure you'll feel lots of support if you keep visiting these boards - I know I don't feel so alone.

On Dec 31, 2001

Thank you for posting on the board. I am always encouraged to find a PA adult- it means they made it through everything that could happen when they are a kid!

Were you ever tempted to "cheat" or take risks with your allergy as a kid? My child hasn't had a reaction in several years and recently told me not to be "such a worry wart", nothing was going to happen!

More important to me, do you have any comments on how your mom or parents handled the allergy? Did they do enough, too much, about right? What was most effective way you understood about the danger?

On Dec 31, 2001

Hi Christine259, I read your reply to an earlier post saying your parents taught you never to accept food from anyone. I have taught my son the same, even from relatives. He feels safer, I feel safer and I do trust him even at 4 not to eat anything from anyone.

On Dec 31, 2001

Christine, about the airplanes, do you know that many airlines will give a peanut free flight on request? We fly Northwest, they have a special phone number for peanut allergic passengers. They even made an announcement on the plane asking other passengers not to open up any peanuts they had brought on. We`ve also found Southwest very accomadating. You just tell them when you make your reservation. Some of the others will do peanut free as well, and there are a few that don`t ever serve peanuts anyhow.

On Jan 8, 2002

Welcome and hope you have found the site helpful