Introducing Foods to Baby


My son is 6 months old and has started to eat cereal and vegetables. So far he has had carrots, sweet potatos and squash. I am PA/TNA and my blood test showed me positive for peas even though I ate peas all the time (Haven't had them in years). What are your thoughts about introducing peas to a baby? I have read that they are more allergenic than other veggies and my poor boy need some non-orange foods - we will start fruits next week, I think.... Thanks for any advice.

On Jan 25, 2005

My sone is 13 months, so we have been on this path. Dd is peanut, TN, and egg allergic.

There was a link I will try to find for you later. A list of foods and their allerginicity, and when it is recommened to introduce then in allergic babies.

We cheated on some, since ds was not known to be allergic, like oatmeal or some barley a bit earlier than advised. Rice was too constipating.

The squashes were all on the list of firsts(non-orange ones like zucchini included). But ds was pretty orange, and still has an orange nose, lol! Green beans, broccoli were pretty early in there, to my surpise. Pears, maybe. I will post the link later. gotta run. becca

On Jan 25, 2005

Ooooh Mary M. - time surely does fly. How can he be eating solids already? (Easy for me to say - I'm not the one on diaper and middle of the night duty. [img][/img] )

Anyhoo, I don't know what to tell you about peas. PA DS never really ate baby food at all - he went straight to table food and loved peas, ate them all the time with no problem. That is until he stuck one up his nose at age 4, but that's another post entirely. Non-PA son loved the baby peas, but they didn't love him. Trust me, you didn't want to be in the same room with him after he ate them. P.U.!!!

I'm sure this wasn't at all helpful; I was just so tickled to read about your baby. [img][/img]


On Jan 26, 2005

Hi MaryM, I know how scary it is to introduce foods to baby-Noah is 1 year and still on a limited diet (he is already dx PA & EA & though tests showed him negative to soy, he had a reaction at a food challenge) I worried about peas too! Noah's tests were negative to peas & he also had what we thought was a negative food challenge a couple wks ago. But, he does not like them AND he had some hives & lots of red blotches after eating gerber 'garden vegetables' which is a pea, carrot & spinach mixture. That was a definite, so I don't know if if spinach was the culprit or what. I guess I would hold off if you can for a while on the legume family if you are worried about a family history of allergies. Noah seems to have an orange nose at times too!!! I just try to use 'nonorange' fruits & also cereals (now that he is no longer vomiting them) Good luck!

On Jan 26, 2005

Just wanted to add, there is no harm in the orange nose and excess Beta Crotene. It is not excess vitamin A, but just the beta carotene, a building block of vit A. I asked the ped and researched this. It is not bad if your baby eats a nd likes the orange veggies and fruits. They turn orange, but it will go away on its own when they expand their diet. I was assured this by or ped and my own research.

becca, Mom to an orange kiddo!

On Jan 26, 2005

Ah, and the link!



On Jan 27, 2005

Becca - Thanks so much for the link! Little Noah's Mommy - thanks for the encouragement. Squash, as it turms out, did not agree with Charlie, so we are still just having carrots and sweet potatos. Will try squash again in a few weeks. Am going to try either green beens or broccoli this weekend and then next week I will introduce some fruit! Charlie has had rice, oatmeal and barley cereal with no problems so at least that can add some variety.

Amy - yes Charlie is eating solids and is a VERY big boy 22lbs 6 oz. and 29 inches as of yesterday - he is bigger than some 1 year olds. Generally a very happy baby who was sleeping through the night at 8 weeks. He learned to roll from back to belly at 3 1/2 months and at 4 months started rolling in his sleep - some nights he will sleep like an angel and then there are the nights like last night when he rolled to his belly (4-5 times) and decided he didn't want to be there anymore. He has rolled belly to back a few times but hasn't quite gotten the hang of it yet and only goes in one direction so in his crib that means there is no room to complete the roll - Lots of fun! We are thinking about trying for a baby brother or sister once Charlie turns one!!!

On Jan 27, 2005

Oh my, ds was 23-1/2 pounds at his year check up, but almost 32" tall. He sounds so cute!

Dd was a tough baby in a few ways and I wanted to wait for awhile for another. Ds is just like yours, slept well, happy, great eater, etc... I was thinking about a third after a couple of months!! And I don't even want 3, am too old and hate being pg. But those little cuties tug at those feelings anyway. [img][/img] Good luck! becca

On Jan 27, 2005

I can't offer any advice but just wanted to wish you the best.

Becca, I have been thinking about you alot lately? Don't really know why? perhaps its because we are thinking of having another one & it scares me. I was on a lot when you were prego & remember you posting often.

I was just wondering how things are going with your son & if you did anything differently with your second preg. then the first (before being PA educted).

On Jan 27, 2005

Hey, Kkeene. I was not afraid because of allergies, but because of having a rough time physically while pg with dd. Just wanted her to be somewhat self sufficient. I did, and still do, avoid all nuts(PN of course) and shellfish, at my allergist's urging. I do try to keep the epipen with me and ds, when dd is at school, where she has one. I am on alert, I guess.

He seemed milk allergic, with terrible facial eczema at the beginning, but is doing very well with milk products now, thankfully. So far so good.

The road is paved at the preschool. They already know him, since he toddles into all the classrooms when we bring dd, and I now know what teachers I will certainly request! So, I feel pretty comfortable, and he seems non-allergic at present. Will never really know about the nuts, though. I do not plan on giving him any, and he will not have eggs until closer to 2, since dd has egg allergy.

Good luck! Hope that helps. becca