Introducing Allergyhaven (Brian)


Hey everyone. Just wanted to say Hi and thank you for creating, and participating in this great forum. My wife and I are grateful parents to a (now) nine year old with severe food allergies. We were shocked and frightened for those first few years after we discovered the allergies but we've learned a lot and grown stronger as a result.

A couple years back my wife Kathy and a friend decided to build a website that would speak to parents like us- provide some peace of mind, information and products to help make life a little easier. The idea became

Today, my wife updates the site when she can with links to relevant information on peanut and other food allergies. She has also designed several types of epi-pen carriers, totes and holders. They are beautiful (I'm biased- you can check them out at [url=""][/url]

Our daughter is doing great. She seldom lets her allergies get her down. This is mostly due to her spirit and wonderful attitude but it is partially due to our ability to educate her. I commend all of you who seek out information and make educated decisions to protect and nurture your little ones.

Good luck to all.


On Oct 17, 2008

You have some GREAT epi pen carries and other products! Thanks for posting!