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Posted on: Mon, 06/21/1999 - 5:50am
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Hi all!
I have really found this site an excellent source of info. My little boy was diagnosed through blood testing to have a rating 5 peanut allergy when he was about 13 months old. He had the testing because, I'd given him a little bite of my peanut butter sandwich and his reaction was mainly on his head: hives, swollen eye, coughing, runny nose, itching, general discomfort. We had no idea what was happening! We actually suspected the antibiotic he was taking for an ear infection. The reaction passed within an hour. During that time we were on the phone to the pediatrician's nurse who wasn't too helpful. Of course it was on a weekend! We got an appt to see our pediatrician that Monday who recommended a visit to a pediatric allergist and prescribed an Epi Pen, jr.. The allergist did skin testing on some allergens (can't remember them all now) and he came up with being allergic to eggs. They did a whole bunch of blood work. In addition to the peanut, they tested for tree nuts, seafoods, and others I can't recall right now. The only thing he reacted to were the peanuts. So we carry an Epi Pen in the diaper bag and it goes with Nick everywhere but after reading all the posts, it appears you should have several Epi Pens on hand, so I have a call into the dr for another prescription and I'm buying more of them. I also finally ordered a medic alert bracelet for him.

I guess I've become more concerned about this now as he gets older and he's eating more table foods. He has eaten jarred baby food up until just a couple of months ago and now that he is branching out with his eating, my fears are growing!

Well, that is pretty much it. Thanks for reading!

Julie & Nicholas (18 months)

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